I bought a new Jiffy 4G Lite end of January and am already on my second set of blades and had to sharpen these! I am NOT impressed with these new blades they have gone to, poor quality! Anyone else finding this? My buddy had an older STX model with the four blade setup (two center center mounted ice ripper blades in the middle, then the regular outer regular blades). I put this onto my power head and my 4G Lite cut like butta. Called jiffy and they offered no sympathy, no help, unwilling to exchange out the auger/blade setup... said it was a marketing decision to sell the 4G Lite with those blades and if I wanted an STX setup I should sell mine and buy an STX! Well, I thought Jiffy would stand behind their products better than this, but the best I got out of it was to log a complaint about these new blades. Any other similar experiences with the 4G Lite?