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Jiffy 4G Lite Problems

3/24/14 @ 6:26 PM
User since 6/24/06
I bought a new Jiffy 4G Lite end of January and am already on my second set of blades and had to sharpen these! I am NOT impressed with these new blades they have gone to, poor quality! Anyone else finding this? My buddy had an older STX model with the four blade setup (two center center mounted ice ripper blades in the middle, then the regular outer regular blades). I put this onto my power head and my 4G Lite cut like butta. Called jiffy and they offered no sympathy, no help, unwilling to exchange out the auger/blade setup... said it was a marketing decision to sell the 4G Lite with those blades and if I wanted an STX setup I should sell mine and buy an STX! Well, I thought Jiffy would stand behind their products better than this, but the best I got out of it was to log a complaint about these new blades. Any other similar experiences with the 4G Lite?

11/29/17 @ 5:59 AM
User since 8/14/16

Haven’t had problems with blades yet, my biggest issue is gasoline in the crankcase , anyone drain there oil , to find almost a pint of gas in with oil????

2/1/15 @ 11:38 AM
User since 2/7/09
I just got the Jiffy 4G Lite auger, 4 stroke gas. I couldn't be happier. I drilled about 60 some holes on a tank of gas in 23 inches of ice. It's faster than my old model 30 and WAY lighter. The only thing is if you don't have the gas cap on perfect it leaks. Just have to make sure you have it on correctly. Otherwise, this is a great auger!!! Starts on first or second pull, and purrs perfectly. I am very happy I got my 4G Lite. I know everyone can have a problem, and typically you only hear from the guys that do. I'm just saying I love mine, and it has been great. Smile

4/30/14 @ 9:31 PM
User since 12/21/01
"It also took forever to get it started. "


I'm probably a "bit" late to help you, but my Pro4 Lite started a LOT better when I kept the propane indoors and only put it on when ready to drill. You also need to hold the throttle in half way while starting, which is pretty awkward.

Also got a lot more than 6 holes out of a tank.

The thing definitely is not the perfect auger, but it isn't bad.

3/28/14 @ 5:59 PM
User since 12/28/03
Uplander, I agree with you. My old Tecumseh 2hp 2 stroke Eskimo still purrs.

3/27/14 @ 4:48 PM
User since 10/6/09
first off I don't own one. my jiffy white lightning is about 15 years old and I love it. I have used both the pro 4 and the pro lite and the 4g lite. And I don't like the lite augers. The pro 4 is nice though. If I was in the market for a new auger it would be that auger is a 2 horse I believe. I still like the older 2 stroke tecumsae motors.

3/27/14 @ 3:37 PM
User since 6/24/06
Well I guess I've been straightened out!! Sad

3/27/14 @ 12:19 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
"As far as being lower cc I think we knew that buying them" - you should have know about the different auger too, it's right in the discription.

It's not just "STX" blades, it's a completely different head design. If they included the same auger it wouldn't be "lighter and cheaper".

If you want Cadillac performace you have to purchase a Cadillac, can't buy the Kia and expect the same results.

For the small difference in money and weight with these augers I don't know why anybody would want to sacrifice performance.

If you paid $500 or "the same price as the 4G" as you did for the 4G Lite that's a problem between you and the seller, not the manufacturer, because that isn't the way Jiffy designed or priced them

3/26/14 @ 6:34 PM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
miggle I don't blame you ! As far as being lower cc I think we knew that buying them. Mine ran like crap from day 1! And why couldn't they put the stx blades on them ? I bought for the same price as the Pro4. You drop $500 on a auger it should perform.

3/26/14 @ 8:42 AM
User since 5/22/12
I'll give you $100 for it

3/26/14 @ 8:27 AM
User since 6/24/06
So.... Anyone interested in buying my two month old Jiffy 4G Lite?

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