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Is it cool to ask someone "Where did you catch that?"

12/8/14 @ 8:38 PM
User since 4/2/02
So, a guy shows you a picture of a nice fish he's iced. You kind of know the guy, kind of don't. Is there an unwritten rule to just say "Nice fish," and leave it at that. Or, is it just common to say, "Where did you catch that fish?" I guess it's a personal thing. No right or wrong. I usually wait till I know someone pretty well to ask location etc...figure he'd tell me if he wanted me to know the lake....or invite me out there. What do you do?

12/10/14 @ 7:38 PM
The Outdoorskid
The Outdoorskid
User since 1/16/12
i just say Notell lake it gets them every time Big Smile

12/10/14 @ 7:04 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07
I'm with Nitro, when someone asks me "where I caught a fish" I point to the corner of my mouth and say "right about here"

Seriously though, I don't mind sharing... From what I've seen over the years people who put their time in and understand what they have to do to catch fish, catch fish again and again. Someone else can go to their spot and get skunked time and time again.

I really believe that 20 percent of the fishermen catch 80 percent of the fish - and they can do it 8 out of 10 times on the water.

The Woodlands Resort
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12/10/14 @ 4:48 PM
User since 8/29/06
I usually only share pictures with close friends/relatives. If I show anyone else a picture then I have already decided to be forthcoming with info, usually filling them in without a request. To do otherwise is just bragging, which I absolutely detest in a fisherman/woman. I have shared fine details with people I have just met and even given them a fly or lure that was hot to help them. There are plenty of fish to go around if you know what you're doing. If I want to keep a lake, river or stream a secret then I say nothing at all.

12/10/14 @ 3:37 PM
User since 4/18/06
You will most likely get the look. Unless its your dad or kids I wouldnt ask any fishermen where they caught fish, if they want to tell you you'll hear where it was.

12/9/14 @ 9:23 PM
User since 10/5/05
If someone doesn't want you to know the exact lake, they'll just give you a vague answer like "a lake in Vilas county". That's usually my standard generic response and I think people appreciate knowing the general location while understanding that the lake name stays a secret. Nothing wrong with asking where something was caught, just don't expect to get the lake name as the answer.

12/9/14 @ 7:50 PM
User since 8/23/09
Ill tell most people the lake I caught them on unless it is a secret lake that is small and could be over fished easily... Now if you offer me a spot that produces ill do the same in trade how ever there are places not even my childen will know I fish just cause I almost feel guilty fishing them myself. Then there are the lakes that heck if you want to put in the work to fish it ill even tell you where and how to fish it but good luck going off of word of mouth on directions

12/9/14 @ 7:07 PM
User since 5/17/11
I always ask, even if its a complete stranger. Sometimes I get the smart a$$ answer "in the mouth" or "in the water" but more often than not guys will say a lake name and I'll leave it at that.

If someone asks me that question, and I know them, I'll tell them the lake. Otherwise my usual answer is "up north".

12/9/14 @ 4:25 PM
User since 4/2/02
Love the comments guys.

It's kind of like if somebody says to you, "I got a really good deal on this truck or car..." Do you ask how much? Maybe.

I still think that it can be very awkward. That's why I don't usually ask if I just sort of know the guy. Especially if a guy doesn't want to say where it was caught. Kind of ends the conversation with nowhere to go from there. And then it's hard to talk fishing after that in some ways. A small lake is one that is really protected by fisherman.

I know I've shown pictures to people in the past and was hoping they didn't ask where I caught it. I'm not gonna lie if they do. I might be vague, but won't steer them in a place that is a waste of their time. Sometimes it takes a long time to finally find that good fishing spot and, I want to keep it to friends and family. But, sometimes it's just fun to share pics. Just hope they don't ask where.....

12/9/14 @ 1:38 PM
User since 12/22/04
I dont think I would ever show a picture of a fish I would not tell them where it was caught. If I did, I would tell them upfront that I caught it on a little spot I keep to myself.

12/9/14 @ 12:14 PM
User since 9/24/03
Mud Lake

Bass Lake

Clear Lake

rinse and repeat.

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