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ION Ice Auger

1/10/13 @ 9:47 AM
User since 12/30/05
Any reviews on the new ION Ice Auger? I have 1 review from a friend on the Mississippi River. He Loves It! Very Light like 22 lbs, he cut like 40+ holes on 9"'s of ice. He also attached a 5" Lazer auger to the extension that comes with the auger. I am now in the market for it and was just wondering what others that have purchased the ION are saying. Thank you TommyO

11/19/14 @ 1:13 PM
User since 1/9/12
I bought a Ion in the end of Dec last year used it all season never had a problem with enough juice in the battery. I had one cold day were it function as the other have said slowing down( -15). That was the only time. I call the company they said to keep the battery warm in between use. They also have a Battery type container that you can put hand warmer in to keep it warm. The container was a heavy cloth insulated material which I purchased direct from them seem to work fine and not heavy. Folds when not in use. First time I use the Ion I walk out on Fox lake drill holes looking for fish. I got tired of drilling holes only used up 1/3 of the battery had cut over 40 holes the ice was about 15" that day. I had a very old Jiffy which I up graded never had a problem with that ether still working.

10/14/14 @ 11:25 AM
User since 3/17/06
Maybe if I had somebody who loves me as much as your family does,n.pike, maybe I'd get an Ion for Christmas too, lol! I will be interested in seeing how that battery holds up in year 2, Jeff. I already bought a new $99 battery for my Clam cordless drill auger just in case I need it later this year.

7/17/17 @ 1:26 PM
User since 4/2/02
Thought for sure there was a more recent thread for the ION, but anyways I use this. Loved my ION last year and can't wait to push that lever again. The lightness, ease, and no gas made this a great choice for me. Never really got too cold for this auger that I can recall. I did drill most holes right away though just in case, but even when I had to drill after a few hours, not a problem. Just once it kind of started slow and then got momentum after getting "warmed up". I do see they now have a 10 inch model, but not the entire auger, just the bottom. Not sure what's the scoop on that because it's just kind of hidden on the web site and not really put out there. Maybe they don't have the power to really make it work well, but they have it out there since some have asked about it. As far as the 8 inch, 20 holes was not a problem and I live in the north woods where the ice was 2 to 3 feet and it was plenty cold. DIdn't need any more holes than that. Gonna recharge my battery soon as is suggested on the site. Forgot to do that this summer. Can't wait.

11/21/13 @ 9:00 AM
Point Muskie Hunter
Point Muskie Hunter
User since 1/28/13
Jiffy made a new ice auger this year the jiffy pro 4 lite only weighing 26-28 pounds.,d.aWc

11/21/13 @ 7:30 AM
User since 6/19/01
Used an Ion all last winter. Battery lasts easily enough for 50 holes through 2ft of ice. Very nice drilling in ice shack with no exhaust. Found myselft doing more searching because of how light it was compared to my 3hp jiffy. Main issue with it is keeping the battery warm. Majority of days if you didnt keep the battery warm, the motor would start and stop every 3 seconds, making it almost impossible to drill holes. If you are willing to baby the battery (keep it in coat pocket, truck, or ice shack) its a great auger. If you plan on staying on the ice all day with no way to keep the battery warm, then I'd look elsewhere

2/22/13 @ 2:45 PM
User since 12/28/08
JIffy Pro 4 weighs around 33-38lbs depending on 8" or 10"

It is heavier than most but love the fact no gas, no mixing, starts on 1st.

Would recommend

2/22/13 @ 11:08 AM
Get Hooked
User since 9/1/09

Are you saying a Jiffy Propane drill weighs 56lbs.? Wow, I didnt think they were that heavy. My 4 yr. old jiffy stx pro 8inch only weighs 27lbs.. The propane is that much heavier? Maybe i didnt read your post right? I just went and weighed my bosses older Jiffy model 30 with a 10 inch blade, and it weighs 38lbs...

2/22/13 @ 10:29 AM
Get Hooked
User since 9/1/09
Here is something I read on a different site:

My previous auger was a Jiffy model 30 that ran for 25 yrs and is still running today for the guy I sold it to. All I ever did was add gas rebuild the carb twice and change the plug a few times. I bought into the electric auger since I felt getting gas on my hands hindered my fishing success. I still kept a gas back up but I was loving the electric auger. My first electric was an Icegator and over the season I had some issues with the switches getting stuck on. The reports were I was not alone. I went thru three of these units with the old style switches before being offered a chance to upgrade to the attackerII with lithium ion batteries. So I jumped on the chance to reduce the weight at a reduced price. I have had zero problems until last weekend when the unit just wouldn't power thru a hole anymore. I am in contact with Icegator to get the issue resolved and started to think this whole gas vs electric auger debate. A while ago my friends and I discussed how the electric auger could be quite costly if you need to replace batteries often. I realized how expensive when I needed to insure my battery pack for shipping tonight. I went to the Icegator website and saw the replacement pack for $289 (LI-ION). I was told the pack should last for 5 yrs. So every 5 yrs you can plan on dropping at least $289 on a battery pack (for LI-ION) or $80 for the lead acid pack. Keep in mind the lead acid pack will have a short life cycle more like 3 yrs at best. Don't get me wrong I love my gator. Light, no gas but the cons are starting to show up. Constant issues add up shipping costs (unless your still in the warranty period). There is no place local that will service them so shipping is your only option unless you live near the place that makes them. Add what any issue will cost you to get fixed and running one of these is looking pretty pricey. I'm not sure the benefit will out weigh the expense in the long run. As I start to tally up everything I have dealt with in the last five yrs, not to mention my inconvenience I may have to stick with old reliable. You'll notice after two trouble free yrs with the gator I still have a gas back up. I trust it, but I don't trust it. If fishing with guys with other augers I don't think twice. Last week after it acted up I was fishing with just my auger so I switched to the gas power head. I don't know what to think at this point but I do know I am starting to think about it. My gas auger expenses were never that high.

2/22/13 @ 9:28 AM
User since 6/19/01
I've used the ION all year that a buddy has. For the most part its great...cuts fast, battery last long, charges fast etc.

My two cons of it are it tends to ice up faster than other teflon coated augers and the battery is definitely an issue. It will work fine at first, but when it gets cold it acts up...spins one rotation..stops for 1-2 seconds, spins, etc

I've used the Jiffy propane auger also and that has its pros and cons also..I.e Weight, not storing on side, etc.

My opinion...for the fisherman who fishes out of an ice shack, is willing to baby the battery (put it in your coat or ice shack, take it in house at night) then the ION is the way to go. For the fisherman that sits on the ice all day and doesnt want to worry about his auger starting...then the Jiffy propane is the way to go. My buddy was in limbo between the two also and the main selling point was the difference in weight, 22lbs vs 56lbs

2/21/13 @ 7:00 PM
User since 4/21/03
ok. thanks. i will be through there this weekend as a matter of fact.

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