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If You Don't Ice Fish...You wouldn't understand

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3/30/09 @ 10:16 AM
User since 4/2/02
I'm all for ice safety. I'd say that all of us probably are. But so many aspects of ice fishing seem very dangerous to people who don't ice fish themselves. For example, connecting a ladder to the main ice on a lake, or wearing chest waders and hopping on the main ice shelf is not really a dangerous activity if you know the lake well enough. Especially if the water you are crossing to get to the ice is shallow and the water you are going to be fishing is shallow. Many people though, think it's crazy that I do such a thing. But, I don't think it's very risky when I'm drilling through 15 inches of ice on the main lake. The shores pulled away a little bit, but no big deal.

Any other examples you can think of where If you don't ice fish, you wouldn't understand...

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10/26/21 @ 8:10 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/9/14

I can't wait.

10/25/21 @ 10:38 AM
User since 8/24/07

Regarding the submerged truck and shanty, I guess my question is.... WHAT ICE???

When I saw that on Facebook I was amazed that even someone REALLY drunk couldn't tell the difference between open water and ice. 

You really wonder what is going on in the brains of some of these people out there...drunk or not. 

10/24/21 @ 7:00 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 9/11/02

First thing in the morning and the only thing you can hear is the crunch  of snow under your feet. 

That flag that pops while you’re checking.

The hot hole. Drill 6 holes for 2 guys and 1 tip up has all the action. 

The fresh cold air

Watching an otherwise empty flasher loading up with crappies at dusk

All of it’s good 

10/24/21 @ 4:22 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/21/20

When you are excited to have to break open the dog water on early November

10/24/21 @ 2:30 PM
User since 2/5/05

Thanks. That drunk idiot had a pretty decent pickup. 

10/24/21 @ 11:42 AM
User since 12/7/17

?? wow ! Green&gold brand new and in the box 

10/24/21 @ 10:18 AM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05

Mr.S, that picture is from the Barron Co. Wi Sheriff’s dept.  Seems some drunk idiot thought the ice might be safe enough to put his shack out. The driver was arrested for DWI and the sheriff released that photo and a warning to remind people the ice isn’t safe yet. Drunk or not that was pretty stupid. lol

10/24/21 @ 6:16 AM
User since 2/5/05

Sassy, what is the back story on that picture

10/23/21 @ 11:34 PM
User since 3/23/20

I enjoy ice fishing just as much as open water the reason I'm always excited for ice fishing more is the season is so short I'm already getting my gear together now even though it's 1-2 month away if you don't ice fishing you won't understand.

10/23/21 @ 9:03 PM
sassy 1
User since 8/25/09

Iittle early

10/23/21 @ 9:21 AM
User since 2/5/05

I'm with you, svitreum. The cool days in the fall are so much fun. 

10/19/21 @ 10:24 PM
User since 8/29/06

I love to go ice fishing......................................but I would take a 70 degree day in my boat any day over it. Yep...................I don't understand.

10/19/21 @ 8:27 PM
User since 2/23/16

Nothing like ice fishing....I was thinking the same thing today water temperature 60 degrees in Saturday.. Bring on the Ice..

10/19/21 @ 10:24 AM
User since 8/4/08

When it's 75 degrees in mid October and all you can think about is how many extra cold November days we need now if we are going to have fishable ice by Dec. 

10/13/21 @ 9:17 PM
User since 2/5/05

I've ice fished 000s of times and I still don't understand sometimes.

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