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Ice Fish Fox Lake

1/13/14 @ 2:29 PM
User since 5/17/11
Don't know much about the lake. Are the launches DNR owned, owned by the City or privately owned?

In general, I don't support launch fees. Very seldom does the money go back to repair the launch/lake. Usually it is siphoned into other aspects of Public Works Dept.

Furthermore, bars that charge a fee to access the lake don't usually get my business. Vice versa, if a bar provides free access to the lake I will usually stop in and give them business.

1/10/15 @ 12:56 AM
User since 1/17/12
You would have to PAY ME to fish fox lake through the ice. I only live 45 mins away but I can think of 4-5 lakes the same distance or closer to me that have better quality fisheries for eyes and crappie. Even more imporant is that I don't have to deal with a circus on the ice everyday on those lakes like on fox.

12/4/14 @ 8:06 AM
User since 3/3/09
I'm with you Willfish. I am a local and would pay to get on this great lake. This lake is so heavily hammered in the winter that a collection to access this lake to go towards a stocking fund would be more then beneficial for the future of this lake. If it stops people from coming that's fine too because no matter what everyone says that disagrees it cannot sustain this pressure year after year after year. The lake is just not big enough. Every year it gets worse and I have been a witness of this for 20 years of ice fishing. I would also assume it is the out of towners that are leaving their garbage all over the place as I already have picked up a ton of garbage (beer cans, propane tanks, beer boxes, etc.) in parking areas and I have only been out twice.

12/4/14 @ 1:50 AM
User since 4/25/14
I only fish Fox lake a few times a year but I would gladly pay a $5 access fee as long as the money is going into the lake and not the lake association's bank account. I would also like to see a yearly or season pass for $30 or so. As I stated before I only fish the lake 3-4x at the most during the winter but I would gladly pay the season rate just to help benefit the lake.

12/4/14 @ 12:26 AM
User since 9/23/14
Great Idea Mikey! I'm all for it. With the fishing pressure being so high in the winter a small fee to help with stocking,testing etc. is totally reasonable. If a 5 gallon bucket full of crappies isn't worth a few bucks stay home.

11/30/14 @ 2:02 PM
User since 1/13/13
Sorry about the "factory" remark. I didn't realize people were so sensitive. From what I here its a great fishery.

11/30/14 @ 9:00 AM
Lucky dog!
User since 4/1/02
I support charging everyone that gets on the lake. $10 or so. Put that money back into re stocking. Everyone thinks this lake is a "crappie factory" so it's "okay" to pound the hell out of it... I assure you, that is a huge mistake, and when the fish population falls, everyone will move on to the next lake that is a "factory" and leave this raped lake all alone, cold, and empty... Seeing the sheer amount of people on this lake makes my stomache turn. It used to be my favorite lake to fish 20 years ago.

Charging money and putting that money into restocking gives this lake a chance to try and support the beating it takes.

Mendota used to be a premier perch "factory", and it's significantly a larger body of water. It was hit so hard for many years, that it decimated the population... Being naive and thinking Fox can sustain this much pressure long term is foolish.

Get some money out of the scavengers while they are here now, to help ease the pain and restock, cuz they will be no where in sight once the fish are thinned out...

11/29/14 @ 3:55 PM
User since 1/13/13
I have never fished fox lake yet but will try to make a weekend out of it this season. I read the reports and sound like a crappie factory. But if there was a fee to access the lake or even a donation box I would pay. Its sounds like a great fishery and would love to enjoy it for awhile to come. Good luck guys and stay safe.

11/21/14 @ 5:06 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
I agree with a fee to help support their stocking efforts. Enforcement could be as simple as having an attendant take down the license plate of those not willing to pay and mailing them a citation. Pay the attendant $5 or get a citation for $10 to help cover the cost of the administrative fee to write and mail the citation.

11/20/14 @ 11:13 PM
User since 10/21/14
willfish 4food I would support a gig like that! Heck, id pay $5..maybe even $10 to drive on knowing that I was entered in a raffle. The lake association could benefit greatly. Its a great fishery and I hope it stays that way for many many years.

11/20/14 @ 4:52 AM
User since 12/4/11
I don't fish Fox, but would like to try it some day.

I think is a great idea. Fishing Northern MN there are several larger lakes that have access points that have fees; there are quite a few that don't.

The ones that do have these fees have plowed roads. For an additional fee, the plow operators will plow spots out for houses. I prefer using plowed roads. The ice is thicker at the roads with removing the insulating snow. And, I know I am traveling safe ice, versus venturing out and not knowing.

These lakes that aren't plowed are too tough to fish in Jan. Even though there's plenty of ice & good fish to be had.

Using Northern MN as an example, a lot of business comes to the community because of the easier access to the lake. Most fisherman are respectful and honest. One of the Lakes I have been visiting for more than 20 years. When there were issues with missing dollars at the only donation box for all the access points. It was discovered in every case to be people local to the area that were taking the money. One time, a resort owner's son & friends were the people.

I would be for this idea,...

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