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11/18/20 @ 11:36 AM
User since 8/28/05

Hello everyone, did a little search didn’t find too much, my friends wife wants to buy him an ice auger for Christmas present I was thinking battery powered possibly maybe 2 cycle also, I own a two cycle myself I don’t mind mixing gas and oil but I know my friends not too crazy about it, would you guys stick with a two cycle or would you go to battery operated route thanks,Steve

TODAY @ 8:57 AM
perch chaser
User since 2/6/03

The green box brought back many old memories. We thought alike in many ways ... I rewired the Lowrance to a rechargeable battery and replaced the suction transom holder with an adjustable aluminum rod that could be used anywhere on the boat. Over the years,  caught  lotsa  perch on Winnebago with that old unit,  could really define transition areas between the mud and gravel. It hasn't been used in quite  a few years, probably put on the rummage this spring.

TODAY @ 8:49 AM
MEMBER since 6/22/01

I definitely agree about using the pre-mixed fuel.  No need to mix the gas and oil, and that gas is even higher octane than premium gas.  I've ran that stuff in my weed wacker for three years now and still haven't gone through the entire can and no issues with it breaking down at all.

Since I already had 3 hand augers - a 5, 6, and 8, I went with buying a drill instead of getting a Strikemaster 40 volt or Ion auger.  I bought a cheap adapter to use with the drill and auger, but hated it, so I got the clam plate and that made a huge difference.  I love the setup and have had it for four years now, going on my fifth.  I have not even started up my power auger in 3 years now - the 8 inch works just fine with the DeWalt DCD 991 drill (non-hammer mode but same torque as the 996 with the hammer mode).

TODAY @ 7:16 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

I've got a 2 stroke Eskimo that I use, I've got propane Eskimo that I use, and I have an Ion G2 as well.  I might be spoiled

or just a pro-staffer, that does have its perks. Lol

I do agree though, each is good for different applications. I have an old Jiffy Model 30 with 9" bit. It was my dads so some sentimental value but its still my go to when we go to Erie or somewhere with large fish. I use a MKE 2804 on a Clam plate and 7.5" K-Drill most of the winter. Early ice I use an old MKE Fuel (only 725#) with a 5" Laser for early ice.

Options are nice!

TODAY @ 6:42 AM
User since 3/23/20

I totally agree with Tim's comment I also own a battery ,propane, and 4 stroke gas auger all jiffy augers though. Also like said use canned gas I even use the 4 stroke canned gas 0 problems my friend's use ethonal gas and there  augers have run into problems with the carb and grommet dry rotting which leads to a leak then they say can I use your auger mine is leaking. But in the end brand is like a Chevy vs ford argument and which style comes down to maitinace battery real easy just charge battery propane just attach bottle and change oil yearly and gas 2 stroke mix gas fill tank an d go 4stroke add gas and change oil yearly but for me as long as it works is good enough for me. I drill maybe 10-20 holes a day at most so the guys I see drilling and drilling like it's a hole drilling competition usually use the hand drill style but the style and brand comes down to user's preference.

11/22/20 @ 8:12 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Lots of options these days.  You can go battery powered, propane powered or even the good old 2 stroke.  If you go 2 stroke, I would burn canned gas, its more expensive, but definately premixed, and good gas.  Propane is nice, as it does not need to be treated when put away for the summer.  Battery is nice and lkight weight, but need need to manage the batteries.  Prices go up from 2 stroke to propane, to battery.  Pick your poison.  By the way, I have all 3, and each one has its place.  I've got a 2 stroke Eskimo that I use, I've got propane Eskimo that I use, and I have an Ion G2 as well.  I might be spoiled.

11/22/20 @ 7:46 PM
User since 2/8/06

My first birdtrap was a super 30 and I used an 8 degree puck style transducer that I had made. I used an aluminum rod to hold it down in the hole. I ditched the 6v lantern batteries and wired in a 12 v SLA. It was accurate to about 30’. I could watch my live minnow. I still have a small collection of some of the early flashers.

11/22/20 @ 12:11 PM
perch chaser
User since 2/6/03

Interesting ... I have a similar unit bought  in the early sixties (Lowrance Green Box) it came with a transom mount  for open water fishing. I suppose it could have been used for ice fishing but unlike the Bird-Trap which came out in 1975 it doesn't have sealed electronics.

Just curious ... doesn't look like that unit was designed for ice fishing, how  did you hold the cone in the hole? 

11/21/20 @ 6:38 AM
User since 2/8/06

When I started I had nothing but Mora hand augers. I went from a 6” to the 8” model for Pike fishing. By in the early 80’s I pulled the pin on a Jiffy 76 10”auger which was great when I was younger. I got a deal on the Model 30 8” that I used until about 6 years ago. After a shoulder surgery I decided I needed the lightest setup and went to a drill/auger combination. Since the Milwaukee drill was our mainstay tool at work I used the biggest one I could use. I went with the original Clam plate because I was used to the style and it was better with my bad wing. Since the Ion battery augers were the first true battery setup I chose to use their 8” bit. I’m still using this setup more than I ever used my gas augers. I’ve since built 5 other setups (6”,8”,10”) for my friends.

I think using these setups rates as the second biggest advancements in my ice fishing history. The first was the Birdtrap super30 flasher.

11/19/20 @ 9:48 AM
User since 8/16/16

Had a 2 cycle Jiffy for 20 years that ran great but just got to heavy to bounce around on slick ice and punch holes.  I bought a StrikeMaster 40volt and absolutely love the thing. Light weight and have never had a problem with battery running out. 

Peace and Good fishing!!


11/18/20 @ 8:44 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

I had a two stroke, and it was giving me grief, so I purchased a propane one. It runs on those little camp stove cylinders...

So far (3-years) and I really like it.

Can’t comment on the electric ones, as I have no experience with them..

I do like the propane one better than my old 2-stroke.

Happy with the purchase.  Only drawback is it is heavier than the 2-stroke was, but perhaps their lighter now than 3-years ago...

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