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Ice Auger Storage

12/9/19 @ 10:35 AM
User since 1/30/18

Throughout the winter ice fishing season, do you store your auger outside/in your garage, or inside your home where it's nice and warm?  Is it better to store it in one over the other?  I could see why it might be better to store it inside where it's warm, but if you're bringing in and out from cold to warm, could that be harmful to the motor or mechanics in any way?  Perhaps it's better to just leave it outside all winter so the pressure inside the lines and what not remain the same.  Thoughts? Advice?

Thank you! 

12/16/19 @ 12:25 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Keep them in the garage.  Only time mine comes in the house is when it is so iced up it needs to have the ice melt on it.  Then it goes in my daughters shower.

12/11/19 @ 10:22 PM
MEMBER since 3/9/11

Have always left jiffy augers in garage no matter how cold it was. Choke until first pop, then half choke. Always let engine warm up for at least 30 seconds min. before drilling. These engines work best when they are warmed up.  

12/10/19 @ 10:10 PM
User since 8/19/17

To answer your question about Power Auger storage. I have stored tools, large tool boxes, motors, engines and more in both un-attached garages and attached garages. The unheated attached to the house garage tempers the humidity and temperature keeping all of the above protected. I have small engines that still start on the first or second pull after 15 years in this garage. When you get big temperature changes in winter and especially in spring or spring-like weather [changes from freezing to 40 degrees], the UN-attached garage will have every piece of metal sopping wet for days/ week. I have had engines seize up, carburetors corrode, tools rust and entire tool box sides turn to rust. I am in Southern WI but I would think this would be the same farther North.

12/10/19 @ 6:09 PM
User since 12/19/10

I’m in the same boat dude. I have an Eskimo Stingray 8” that I bought 8 or 10 years ago and it runs perfect. I’m tempted to do the Milwaukee drill and hand auger set up but can’t quite talk myself into it. I would like a 6” auger for pan fishing.  I have a 6” Eskimo hand auger that I had  before I bought a gas auger so it wouldn’t take much to get set up really. We’ll see....

12/10/19 @ 12:12 PM
User since 1/10/03

I'm sure either is fine.  I typically keep mine in the basement as it usually need to thaw.  I'm not sure what you mean by "pressure inside the lines."  As mentioned, the only thing that might worry me would be condensation in the gas tank from the temp changes, but I've never had an issue.  

I'm considering going electric to lighten the load, but it is tough to justify when my Eskimo looks new and starts on the 1st or 2nd pull every time.

12/10/19 @ 11:48 AM
User since 10/3/12

Mine Jiffy is 25 yrs old and always stored in the heated basement still runs strong

12/9/19 @ 4:29 PM
User since 12/19/10

I leave mine outside unless it gets a lot of ice build up then I put it in the basement by the floor drain to thaw. Bringing it in and out all the time would be fine, only issue I could see is condensation in the gas tank??

12/9/19 @ 10:43 AM
User since 1/6/09

I've always stored it outside.  Gassy smell in the house doesn't make the wife too happy.  The only time I bring it in is if the bit gets really iced up in severely cold weather.

My first was a second-hand model, had it for 15 years then upgraded to a brand new one when Eskimo made some advancements.

As far as yearly storage, in the spring I dump in some sea foam and choke it out, never had a problem in December when I fire it up again.

You may avoid a little oxidation by keeping it inside, but that's it.

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