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1/27/15 @ 11:45 AM
Polish Fisherman
User since 12/27/01
Fellow LLer's,

Not trying to start a peeing match but want your opinions on hub style shelters. I recently purchased the Frabill Fishoflage Outpost from Farm and Fleet but returned it. When I pooped it up the poles had an s shape to them and I didn't get a good feeling about them. I'm now leaning towards the Eskimo Fatfish 949I.

Any insights, recommendations, or thoughts would be appreciated.

1/31/15 @ 7:43 AM
User since 1/16/14
I have been fishing out of the Fatfish 949 since it came out. I did have one pole break the second season, but Eskimo delivered me a new one, plus an extra one for back up (which I haven't had to use) at no charge. Their customer service was first class all the way. I have enjoyed the space it provides and the light weight nature of hauling it as I don't own a snow machine or an ATV. I have never had issues putting it back in the bag, take a little care when you take it down and goes in no problem. With all that said, I would encourage you to buy the insulated version of it to avoid the condensation issues.

1/27/15 @ 8:02 PM
User since 12/26/11
Love my Clam Bigfoot XL4000T. Insulated with 600 denier fabric vs Eskimo 300 denier. Very warm on windy days. Insulation will keep out moisture from windows. Also Clams screw in anchors are great. Can do it by hand. Looked that the reviews for Mine vs Fatfish 949i. Really seemed like Clam was better for overall size. Overall interior dimensions much bigger including height. Can stand up straight, no problem. If you are going to buy an insulated shanty, I'd recommend a wheeler or sled because they are heavy. But for your Money, I'd take the Clam XL4000T over the fatfish 949i any day. Better value for big insulated shanty

1/27/15 @ 1:45 PM
User since 9/24/03
When they first came out a few years ago some companies were having issues with the poles not being adequate enough for heavy use. Since then those companies seem to have rectified this issue by beefing them up some. When I bought my Clam 8 years ago this was a main reason why I went blue instead of red or black. The Clams didn't seem to have as many gripes about them back then as the others did.

But like the previous post long as you don't force them on any brand you should be ok. Sometimes stuff happens during the shipping process but for the most part retailers and manufacturers have been pretty decent about making things right.

Aside from the crappy undersized carrying bag that I ditched a few years back and the need to replace the grommets that simply wore out, you wouldn't be able to tell that mine has been used as much as it has been. It has faded a little bit but big deal. I did reinforce the corner pockets where the poles slide into but that was due to my anal retentiveness as opposed to those things coming apart.

1/27/15 @ 12:43 PM
User since 7/20/09
I have the Eskimo Quickfish 3 and the 6. Only issues I've had are that I broke 2 poles and had to order replacements. You have to watch how you open it, if the poles are bending funny, don't force it. Let it back in and start again. Also when you anchor it, don't force it to a certain position. Let it sit where it naturally wants to. I think that led to my poles breaking.

I've heard of some guys having to chase theirs down because they choose not to use the ice anchors and instead just pack snow around them. Might work on a nice day, but on a windy day better anchor it down. Not sure if Eskimo makes an drill adapter for that or not. I bought a Clam one and modified it to use the Eskimo anchors. Granted the Clam anchors would work fine too. They go in quick with the cordless drill.

They could make the carrying bags bigger. Once you have ice froze on the shack, enjoy getting that thing back in the bag. I usually toss it in the back of the truck as is.

1/27/15 @ 12:32 PM
User since 10/14/06
I have had really good luck with the Eskimo quick fish 3. I've had it for I'd say 5-6 years and have no issues. I've never owned another brand so i can't vouch for them. The windows I guess are a lil small and on really windy days you have to tie a string to another cleat to keep the sides from getting blown in and collapsing. Overall I think it is a high quality product for the money though.

1/27/15 @ 11:56 AM
User since 1/29/10
I have the Frabill Fishoflage Outpost 6 man and love it the poles are a little bent but they stretched the fabric and are almost straight now. I would not recommend the Eskimo 6 person windows are in the worst spots and are very small.

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