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How Often Do You Tune Up Your Power Auger?

1/29/16 @ 11:53 AM
User since 9/27/01
I have a 2 hp Jiffy that I bought new around 15 years ago. It has been gently used, always stored properly in summer and has had it's blades sharpened regularly. I always use fresh, premium gas in it and have changed the air filter and plug a few times. It starts and idles perfectly but the last couple of years, it seems like it's lost power and gets hung up right before it busts through the bottom of the ice. Do the carburetors in these motors need a cleaning/tuning from time to time? Would a dirty carb cause power loss?

2/10/16 @ 5:39 PM
User since 2/27/05
Sounds like I need to start running my auger out of gas at the end of the year.

2/10/16 @ 5:36 PM
User since 4/9/03
I have a 14 year old eskimo auger. The only thing I've ever done to it is drain the gas end of the year. Well over 200 holes drilled a year. Never even changed the plug. Only thing ever replaced is the pull rope few years back and the blades couple times. Still starts by the 4th or 5th pull.

2/10/16 @ 5:12 PM
User since 4/16/11
Owned my Jiffy 30 since 1989. It has drilled a 1000 holes. Mixed always "Air Cooled Ashless Oil". Ran it out of gas every year. Sharpened my Blade and it is a 10 inch. Never ever gave me a problem. I did re Grease the gears under the powerhead myself. But they were okay. Also i always re adjust the Carb with the low or high Temps, that i fish in. Runs for me.

2/10/16 @ 4:45 PM
User since 1/3/02
Dub - 24:1 was the old ratio recommended by Jiffy a long time ago when 2 stroke oil wasn't as good. 40:1 is the recommendation now for all Jiffy augers regardless of age. You can verify on there website. 24:1 is way too rich and generates lots of smoke and black, partially burned oil dripping out of the muffler. I switched to 40:1 Trufuel this season and will never mix gas again. Burns very clean with almost no smoke. Auger starts easier and idles better. No need to do anything for summer storage either as the fuel has stabilizer in it already.

2/10/16 @ 12:46 PM
MEMBER since 11/7/04
I checked out Trufuel and it comes 40:1 and 50:1 ratios. My jiffy takes 24:1. I'm not a math giant so does anybody have any feedback on this? I would appreciate it.

2/4/16 @ 12:44 PM
User since 2/2/16
I must be lucky. My 2hp Jiffy is 23 years old now and I've done nothing to it. Still original plug and blades...and I use the snot out of it every season. At the end of season I dump out remaining fuel, run it till engine stops, then pull the cord a few more times. I store it upright with a plastic grocery bag covering the motor and tied tight. I have wire brushed the rust and spray painted the auger a couple times.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself for this weekend.

2/1/16 @ 9:41 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07
I have a propane auger bodge...

Also, non-ethanol gas is not available in Racine, Waukesha, Milwaukee, or Kenosha counties. Lake Geneva and East Troy are in Walworth County - so you can get ethanol free gas.

I do agree, if you have gas with Ethanol in it - add Seafoam to every tank.

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
2/1/16 @ 5:47 PM
User since 9/24/03
I use the canned gas others are talking about. It already has a fuel stabilizer mixed in so you are good to go. I also start mine up every 5-6 weeks during the summer so that it can burn out anything that built up inside of it while it is sitting unused. I'll do a similar thing with my boat motor. Every month while it's in storage I'll bump the key and turn it over a few times to lubricate the cylinders. It starts much, much easier in the spring when I'm ready to use it and eliminates the need to go through an in-depth winterization process.

2/1/16 @ 5:27 PM
User since 2/2/06
I totally concur with Big Musky.Ive used the Stihl stuff in a can or the True fuel(its a little cheaper).Expensive but SOOOO worth it.Try it sometime.Plmlk---I can get non ethanol 92oct.gas in lake geneva and Delevan.I also don't mess with that anymore.K-drill guy.

2/1/16 @ 3:58 PM
User since 12/22/04
anyone running a two stroke auger needs to invest in Trufuel. Premixed with stabilizer and synthetic oil and high octane gas. Can't get any easier than that and will add life to your auger.

Or you can switch to electric and say good bye to the whole problem.

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