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How close is too close ?

10/26/18 @ 12:57 PM
User since 9/30/17

Ethically, how close can you fish to a "permanent"  ice house / shanty that is not occupied.  Repeat - not occupied.

If I get out their early and "nobody is home" how close can I fish.   I'm not talking feet - I'm talking yards.    I respect the space but how much territory is theirs to claim.   I fish out of a portable ice house.

Do you leave when someone finally arrives - if they do?

12/12/18 @ 10:37 AM
User since 4/2/02

Agreed that it depends on the lake. So much is just common sense and common courtesy in my opinion. I’m on about a 100 acre lake right now. Had it to myself. Another guy came. I waved. He waved. He’s fishing Way over on a bay. Sure, he could’ve Fished next to me and I wouldn’t have made a huge issue of it. But, I think courtesy on a lake like this is that you have a few spots in mind. If one person is in your spot. You go to spot number two. No reason to really fish close to anybody when there’s only two people on 100 acres.

He could certainly be fishing close to me and it still wouldn’t be rude I don’t think. But if he were within say 50 yards that would be kind of surprising and seemingly unnecessary. Just my opinion.

12/12/18 @ 7:55 AM
User since 1/12/09

I'd say it all depends on the lake.  Lakes like Poygan, it's full on combat fishing.  Safe distance is usually under 50ft, depending on crowd, but just don't be a jerk.  If your gonna fish close, treat the other guys like they're your friend, work together, make the occasional comment on color or marks, plan moves together to cover more ground.  Don't be loud, but respectful.  If the guy(s) you move in on still want to be jerks, then just do your own thing.  It really can be a good way to learn new lakes.  But Poygan is a special place where that style of fishing works.  

Now, if I'm on a 50 acre lake, and there is 3 people on the whole lake, it's a different ball game.  I will usually maintain at least 100 yards, but will sometimes walk over to other groups and chat.  More then once I've talked to a group on the ice and ended up fishing with them.  I've drilled new holes for guys who have hand augers, and given rides back to shore via 4 wheeler to walkers.  It takes nearly nothing to be nice, and it sometimes earns you a pile of info.  

I've had guys drill my spread before, and I have the same approch, talk to them and be friendly, and if there still jerks, I just keep talking, and try to be the most annoying nice guy until they submit and leave or I decide the spot isn't producing and let them have it.  Lol.  Most guys get the point. 

But to answer your initial question, if the permanent shack is empty, I'd drill as close as I want, if they show up and are decent, I might move away a little, but if they're jerks, I stay put.   Guides can be the biggest jerks, so definitely call the DNR and report them if they harrass you, no room for that, IMO.  

12/11/18 @ 10:05 PM
User since 11/3/03

My son sent me this today.

11/1/18 @ 7:45 PM
User since 12/19/14

This is a great topic! I love the different  view points.

11/1/18 @ 6:55 PM
User since 9/24/03

The folks who claim they own a spot just because a permanent shack is on top of it are the same guys who yell at you for fishing near their dock from your boat. 

11/1/18 @ 6:38 PM
User since 2/6/17

After ice fishing for 50 years, here's my 2 cents.  What ever the distance is that makes me edgy when jerks horn in on me, I make sure I give double that when I am the guy moving in.  Also, because I can't drill holes anymore, I bring beer, and ask someone to drill me a couple holes further away for some beer.  Usually they let me use their already drilled holes, we drink beer and have a nice time.  The secret?  Beer, always beer!  And give double the distance you would tolerate.

11/1/18 @ 3:58 PM
User since 12/19/14

No Lakeking that does not describe me st all. Just reading what you wrote I see a pattern with 1 common denominator. Just my thought and nothing more. Good luck this season!

11/1/18 @ 8:13 AM
User since 2/6/06

Ice fishing for me is fun when I get on my navionics and find new places to fish.  If there is a shack somewhere I want to fish I just find another spot.  Ice fishing by myself with nobody close is one of lifes most relaxing pleasures.  Just make sure to not make it obvious if you're catching or the crowd will find you lol.  As far as the original question, if it's a "community hole" I'd try to stay 20-30 yards away.  If it's not a community hole, 50-60 yards probably at minimum.  

10/31/18 @ 6:29 PM
User since 12/19/14

If you have such confrontations with several other fishermen over several years, YOU are the problem. I'm  a portable guy and fish where I want. Multiple confrontations to me sounds like a habit or pattern. 

10/30/18 @ 10:23 PM
User since 12/17/09

But then again I didn't realize you were the LAKE KING. I will move it if you want.

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