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Helix 7 G2 Issue

2/18/19 @ 7:52 PM
Alternative Reefer
User since 5/4/18

I got a Helix 7 for Christmas.  Had it out a few times.  Mostly short outings.  Works great.  But twice now I have had an issue with losing my jig.   Today I was in 7 ft of water.  Had gain at 10 but probably could have had it much lower.  Very strong signal.  Fish under me all the while(dinky perch).   Then about an hour in I lose the jig.   Put down a spoon and read that for a little bit then that was gone.  Turned up gain and saw it a little while then at full gain, then everything gone.  Still read bottom but thats it.  Turned it off, turned it on.  Changed cone setting.  Dropped gain, lowered gain.  Wiped cone.  

I did change to a dakota lithium battery.  Would the cold be effecting the battery?  22 degrees when I got off the ice.  Battery was fully charged,  Only outside two hours max.

Anybody else have this happen?  My guess is the battery.  It read 100% but I know that is not accurate with the lithium batteries.



2/20/19 @ 1:29 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

To tough to figure out LakeKing?

I think the biggest problem is everybody wants to use a graph in "Auto". While I can see the advantages in summer when conditions can change drastically and quickly that doesn't happen in winter. Learn your menu's and manually run your machine and you'll be amazed with it.

Had a friend who had the Helix7, his complaints where: 1. It took to long to lock in while hole hopping 2. Bottom was jumpy, sometimes with a fish coming in so it was frustrating the screen flashed. Walked over to his unit and fixed his complaints with a few clicks and then showed him how to manually set your depth window.

Had another complain he couldn't use the graph mode because there wasn't "enough detail". Turns out he meant it didn't "zoom" close enough for good target separation. I switched the unit to 4X zoom and then selected a small area of the water column and it's like he had a "brand new unit". (his words)

To the original poster, I can assure you it isn't the Dakota Lithium, it's what I use and have been out all day in much colder weather.

2/20/19 @ 12:18 PM
User since 10/31/15

@7' depth the sonar cone dia. is only a bit over 2' dia. if the transducer is tilted a small amount., no echo.

2/19/19 @ 6:46 PM
User since 7/30/10

If there is current, you will sometimes have your jig be pushed out of the cone, if your ducer isn't below the ice, sometimes it will hit the side of the hole and angle sideways making your cone go semi horizontal. If you are running chirp ir, it will also cancel out some light returns, so depending on the size if your jig, you may lose it. keep my gain at around 14 and have never run into this issue. Maybe check with humminbird and see if there is an update for that concern.

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