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Has anybody converted a humminbird di unit to a ice unit?

1/12/15 @ 10:31 AM
User since 7/12/06
I have a 597 hd di and want to convert it. I have the latest update that allows this but just want to know if anybody has done it and how they like it.

1/17/15 @ 9:28 PM
User since 2/17/05
I did with my 798 ci HD, best thing I ever did. I have a vex fl18,and a bird ice 55. The 798 is all I use now .

1/12/15 @ 2:37 PM
User since 6/23/09
I have a 587 HD DI (very similar unit). I have not done this, but was going to look into it. The current software update does allow you to get the ice ducer and use it. Here's an email I got from Humminbird when I emailed them about it:

Thank you for your support of Humminbird. Provided you have the latest software on your unit it will work with the ice transducer. If you do not have the latest software all you will need to do is simply register and download the software to a blank sd card and then load the card into your humminbird unit.

Also your unit is designed to look for temperature. The ice transducer does not have temperature which is why it shows transducer not connected. In order for the unit to recognize the transducer you will need to force the unit into normal mode and shut demonstration mode off on the unit. Once you shut demonstration mode off this one time, from this point on when you power the unit on it will automatically come on in normal mode regardless of the transducer. To activate this feature you will do the following really quick.

1. Power the unit on time you see the loading message you will press the menu key once

2. Press exit to continue

3. Press menu 2 times

4. Right cursor to setup

5. Down cursor to user mode and right cursor to advanced

6. Down cursor to demonstration mode and left cursor to shut demonstration to shut it off

7. Press the exit key once

8. Left cursor to sonar and down cursor to ice fishing mode and use the right cursor to turn ice fishing mode on

9. You will also cursor to sonar source and select 2d element

Once you have done the following you will press exit 2 times to leave your menu option. From this point on the unit will come on in normal mode regardless of which transducer is connected.

1/12/15 @ 2:11 PM
User since 12/16/13
I think you can use the xi 9 20 ice transducer with it you could call Humminbird. I would think it would be a nice unit I run a lowrance hds on the ice and really prefer the graph over the flashers I have seen. you will also need the power cord and I would splice in a fuse 3 amp probably.

1/12/15 @ 12:50 PM
User since 12/22/04
I have this same unit and looked into this a couple years ago. If I remember correctly, this unit only will work with transducer that came with it and not an ice ducer. So you would need to fabricate some way of keep the open water transducer horizontal while in the hole.

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