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First timer ice fishing. Advice/info ??

11/13/19 @ 1:05 PM
User since 6/18/13

Going to LOTW on Minnesota side in late January. I’ve never gone ice fishing before. Father in law is loaning me a couple rods etc but I was going to purchase one also. What (cheaper) jigging setup would you recommend for walleye/sauger-maybe perch? Any ideas on a few jigs/spoons/lures in general (colors). I just am hoping to maybe get a few extra (bragging rights lol) fish. 

Staying at a resort-fish houses etc. Always wanted to do this type of trip and thankfully my friend (who rarely fishes at all-I only fish Muskie/bass normally) and I are able to do. Just don’t want to spend a bunch on extras that I may never really use again but want to be prepared also if that makes sense? 

Thank you for any and all input. 

11/14/19 @ 7:04 AM
User since 1/6/16

Get a couple light to medium light rods like and spool them with 4-6lb test. Cabelas, Clam, Frabill, HT, and 13 fishing all make decent combos for $50.00 and under.

 Get some spoons like Lindy Rattlin' Flyers, Slender Spoons, Northland Buckshot types 1/8th- 1/4 is fine. Colors would be Gold, Red, Glow Red, Perch, Pink, and Wonderbread. Wally Talkers and Perch Talkers from Lindy were really hot in March last year. Plain hooks with a minnow under Ice Buster bobbers work really well. Rippin' Raps are always a good bait to call fish in, and if they're aggressive it's nice not to have to bait up after every fish.  Stop at a bait shop in Baudette and they'll help you with some local favorites like the Stop Sign, The Charmer stuff like that. If the resort supplies bait it'll be fatheads so you should be okay there. 

Another thing you'll want to look into is if the resort rents flashers of some sort. You'll most likely be in over 20ft of water and those fish will use the entire water column and without electronics you will never see those fish. You could look to see if your boat unit can be converted to an ice unit. 

11/13/19 @ 10:29 PM
User since 1/23/04

Second on the rainbow buckshot rattle. They sell glass eye jigs at the tackle shops up there that I've always had good luck with too. Usually pink. Also, make sure to have a dead stick setup with a plain hook, with a fathead or small shiner. Most of the bigger fish I've caught on LOW are lured in on the jig stick, then smack the dead stick.

11/13/19 @ 6:58 PM
fish magnet
MEMBER since 12/29/01

Glow buckshot rattle spoons in firetiger, or super glow perch work good for eyes, with a fathead. Whatever you buy, glow helps with eyes. Get yourself a bright flashlight. 

11/13/19 @ 4:34 PM
User since 3/17/06

Go with HT Blue Ice rods. Very affordable and good for Walleye in the 30 to 36 inch length

11/13/19 @ 2:43 PM
User since 8/24/07

Can't help you on the rods, but as far as the business end, I'd get some jigging raps and some Kastmasters. Probably get in touch with the outfit your dealing with for info on colors and sizes. There are other similar options out there, so don't be afraid to get a selection. And since this is your first time ice fishing, you'll either love it or not. If you do, you're already on your way to being properly outfitted. If not, you can send what you bought to me   

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