Guys have you seen the new product offerings at Eskimo / Ion?

This year they are offering the Ion as a 10" model, you no longer have to purchase the 10" bit as an accessory.  Cool guys been asking for this.

They've got a couple new augers, called the F1 or P1 Rockets.  The F1 uses the tried and true 33cc motor, the P1 uses the tried and true 40cc propane motor. They have a new transmission with a higher gear ratio so that they cut faster, added the cast bottom auger bits, and lost weight.  The F1 comes in at 22 lbs, lightest gas auger on the marke, it can handle an 8" or 10" bit, and cuts as fast or faster the the Eskimo Shark Z71.  The P1 lsot weigh too and comes in at 26 LBS.  These things rip through the ice.

Couple new houses, the Sierra, small 2 man insulated and non insulated, has some cool upgrades.  Then th ere is the Grizzley, 2 man insulated high end house, square tubing, roto molded sled, seats slide forward backward and sideways and lift up for easy access to the sled with a back door included.  Can't wait for ice!!!