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driving trucks on ice

1/2/15 @ 10:10 PM
User since 2/27/06
So how much ice do you really need to drive a regular size pickup on the ice? I drove out yesterday on ten inched of ice. I went to a different lake today drove out there was 11" of ice. Both lakes nobody had drove out yet. Now there will probably be people driving out because someone else did, but what gives? Is it really just wait for someone else to drive out to make sure it is safe?

1/9/15 @ 9:34 AM
User since 11/14/10
My Silverado will not be on the ice til I, myself, measure 16" of good ice. That allows a little wiggle room for my comfort incase there are spots which are a little thinner. Just because you can drive on a lake doesn't mean you should. Park on shore and go out and punch some holes...better safe than sorry. I've heard the water temp under the ice is pretty cold. I'd rather not find out at all...especially while sitting in my truck.

1/8/15 @ 3:02 PM
User since 12/22/04
my rule is that if I need an auger extender, I will drive out

1/8/15 @ 11:03 AM
User since 8/24/07
Same reason the guy who put his sister's SUV in Winnebago the other NIGHT, while wearing pajama pants no less, did. They are idiots in the truest sense of the word.

And to further explain what an idiot that guy was, he didn't want his last name used, yet agreed to be interviewed on camera. ????

1/8/15 @ 10:01 AM
User since 1/19/02
Why would one even drive out on ice then ask how thick the ice should be?

1/8/15 @ 9:38 AM
User since 10/17/04
All I know and care to live by is I will not be the first or last one to drIve out on the ice no matter what. I like to see at least 5 other vehicles out before I consider driving. I don't mind walking.

1/7/15 @ 10:44 AM
User since 1/6/09
8-10" will support a vehicle and your gear, but it might not support your truck and the next guy on the lake who you KNOW will head straight for you.

1/6/15 @ 10:55 PM
User since 7/30/10
I walked out a little over 1/2 mile last weekend, drilled and set up on what turned out to be 14" of measured, good ice-only to have a guy in a full size 4 door Tundra go barreling by at what had to be 40mph across the main lake basin. He made it to where ever he was going, BUT: For me, I know this lake well but I DON'T know how much ice was between me and the landing(I'd walked in from the other side of the lake). Me, I'll be waiting a bit longer-if at all. Come to think of it, I fished till dark and never did see him come back. Worried Besides, I could use the exercise...

1/5/15 @ 12:28 PM
User since 2/15/10
if i had a dollar for every time i saw a truck go down on a road everyone was driving id have 5 dollars

1/5/15 @ 11:18 AM
Otter Box
Otter Box
User since 12/10/14
It is actually entertaining reading some of the posts on here and peoples "math" for driving a vehicle on the ice. There is no ice that is good enough to drive a vehicle on unless you are willing to risk your neck. The vehicle can be replaced and item inside repurchased, but people lose their lives every year because they thought it was worth the risk. If your insurance won't cover "stupid", then spend a couple thousand on a atv and really minimize your chances on thicker ice if its that important to you. Sleds sink like a rock too. Flotation on my atv was simple and cheap, less than $60 and it floats & will not roll over.

1/5/15 @ 8:34 AM
User since 3/20/02
There is a reason you see fliers for truck recovery in bars and bait shops around popular ice fishing lakes. Don't be the first or the last guy out there and only go where there has been plenty of traffic. Still no guarantee.

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