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12/20/14 @ 7:01 PM
User since 12/15/14
So I've been fishing crappies hard! Fished two fifferent lakes in all differemt areas and caught about 3 total... I logged at least 12 hours at both spots. I've tried trees, weeds, weedlines, dropoffs. Ive been using deadstick minnows, jigged wax worms and minnows on all different types of jig heads... WHAT am i doing wrong?!

12/28/14 @ 9:13 AM
User since 11/14/12
Icekid: I will share 1 observation I had in the last year with respect to crappies. If it is useful to you and the other guys, that's great. I have recently switched the TYPE of minnow I use and the results have been noticable. I used to get regular crappie minnows at my local bait shop. I tried rosy reds for the first time last year at a lake I occasionally fish on up north. They worked great. I started getting bigger gills on them as well. My local bait shop doesn't get rosy reds for some reason so I go to my local Petco and get them. Rosy reds are now my go-to minnow for panfish through the ice. Hope this helps. Good luck and tightlines - Icestalker.

12/25/14 @ 7:04 PM
User since 6/15/01
One thing to remember if you are fishing deep for any fish is to reel the fish up slowly especially if you want to release it. Other wise their air bladder pops out of their mouth and they are dead.

Once you find the deep spot where they spend most of the day, when you get there and they are gone, try some shallower water closer to shore. They often move out of the deeper water to feed, usually in a school.

12/25/14 @ 6:41 AM
User since 12/28/03
IceKid, a lot of good information provided by other posters. As previously noted, fish may have different tendencies / patterns on different bodies of water. Generally, with early and late ice, Crappies can be found near or on weedlines that are found along dropoffs, especially those found within a bay portion of the lake. Don't be afraid to move into shallower water that is adjacent to the weedline, too. One of my favorite lakes, Lake Delavan, the Crappies will be found on or near the weedline associated with the first major dropoff but they also move into the bay to find forage, too. As the weeds die off and oxygen is reduces, the crappies will move to basin areas and suspend in deeper water).

As you probaly know, Crappies look up to find their forage, thus, be patient when presenting your bait to them. Don't simply drop your presentation to the bottom, reel up and jig. Instead, starting jigging as soon as your bait enters the water and drop it real SLOWWWWWWW. I have caught Crappies right below the bottom of my hole. Jig the entire water column. When you get bites, try to notice at what depth as that may be a pattern for future fish. I like to use horizontal jigs and plastics for Crappies and at times, if they are finicky, I will tip the presentation with one or two spikes or a waxworm. I like to use pink and white colors for Crappies. My favorite plastic is Little Atom Micro Nuggies. If using a horizontal jig, make sure the plastic is attached so it is also horizontal.

I hope this information helps you. Crappies, at times, can be feast or famine....but never give up! One of my favorites to fish for. Good luck.

12/24/14 @ 9:35 PM
User since 10/3/12
Its surprising, one of the lakes i fish on (in winter) theyre only found on the mud flats, at the bottom, in thedeeper part of the lake, 23 feet. Somebody forgot to tell those crappie that theyre supposed to hang around structure. Wink

12/24/14 @ 9:24 PM
griff n
griff n
User since 6/17/11
Go to youtube, Basin crappie ice fishing, In-Depthoutdoors. Good Info

12/24/14 @ 8:59 PM
User since 7/30/10
What Pablo said. This time of year, crappie will often suspend over the deeper portions of a lake or main basins. If possible, drill several holes over deeper water basins or deep water off of points and look for marks on your flasher. You'll eventually find them. Good luck!

12/24/14 @ 12:38 PM
User since 6/17/11
It seems what you're doing wrong (if it's actually fair to call it wrong) is not finding fish! Some lakes don't have many crappies and some lakes have crappies that are so scattered that you never get into any good numbers. In many lakes, crappies spend the winter in 20'-35' holes (holes being deeper and softer spots relative to shoreward surroundings), so consider searching those kinds of areas with a fishfinder. Once you find some crappies, the depth, size and speed-cadence-energetics of the presentation seems to matter more than the exact baits, jigs or colors, etc.

Best of luck!Smile

12/24/14 @ 9:15 AM
User since 6/19/05
In some lakes they will be in de deepest part of it. They deeper it gets, the less cold the water is also. When I fish on a channel, it will make a difference if you are 6" shallower than the deepest part. Try where the channels make a bend also, and use small jiggin spoons with a treble hook at times. good luck!

12/24/14 @ 2:29 AM
Fish On
Fish On
User since 7/9/01
What lakes have you tried? Some bodies of water produce more crappies than others. You might have to move until you find them and then move with them.

Fox Lake is a great lake for crappies. Read back through the posts for locations,depths, baits, etc. The ice is unsafe in areas on Fox right now, so be careful! Get information from the local bait shops!

Read through the posts on any lake you want to fish. Get a Hotspots map. The maps show depth contours and even give info on where to fish for many types of fish! Do your homework before you fish and you will be successful!

Fish On

12/20/14 @ 8:48 PM
User since 12/15/14
I do have a vexilar and fished through the night however i havent tried deeper water then 15 feet figuired theres no reason theyd wanna be there.

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