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Best Auger for cordless drill?

1/17/22 @ 12:55 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

Does it really matter?  I'm considering an 8 inch Pistol Bit for $159.

Let's hear it.


10/13/22 @ 1:12 PM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02

Gman, the aftermarket batteries are available all over and all sizes. I have run several of the 9amp hour along side of the MKE branded and they work just as hard, just not as long. They also begin to have problems with shorts from drops as such easier and also found they will take on water and corrode easier.

That being said, replacement doesn't hurt nearly as bad and they certainly serve their purpose as a cheap "disposable" alternative.

10/13/22 @ 12:28 PM

The 8 inch lite flite on a Clam Drill plate and a DeWalt DCD 991, 5 ah battery got me about 30 to 40 holes through about 15 inches of ice last winter.  I always have a second battery with me just in case and I've never needed it with the exception the one time I forgot to charge the battery.  Sat in my garage for 3 weeks and still got me 8 more holes before dying!  I like the lite flite.  I use a 6 inch Lazer as well on the Clam Plate. With that I get a few more holes, and my 5 inch that i use at last ice when I'm targetting only panfish gets me....well I don't know cause I can't drill that many holes, lol!

10/13/22 @ 6:20 AM
USER SINCE 1/10/21

Being the thrifty individual that I am, I found a seller of Lithium batteries on Ebay offering what I assume are batteries from Chy-Na. Look identical (or close) to Milwaukee batteries. Did this thinking that Milwaukee gets them OEM from a vendor in Chy-Na (biggest lithium producer).

On my postal scale, these 4 Amp batteries weigh 15 ounces. Pretty light in my estimation. If they do not hold up, then I will go the 5 Amp route with batteries direct from Milwaukee, just to be sure.

10/9/22 @ 5:26 PM
USER SINCE 10/20/05

"Am somewhat anxious to cut some holes with it."

You're gonna love it.  Little advice, always make sure it's locked or you pull the battery before transporting.  Got a pretty good slice in the shack one day when I forgot and something hit the trigger while banging around in the sled.

10/9/22 @ 9:18 AM
USER SINCE 8/29/06

I use an orange Nils made for drills. 6" has served me well so far. I've never had an issue pulling a fish up through the hole. 

10/7/22 @ 7:48 AM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02

If your going to be cutting 8" holes do not go any less than 5amp batteries and go larger if possible.

10/4/22 @ 10:47 PM
USER SINCE 5/29/11

I run a 20volt Dewalt with 5AH batteries on an 8 inch Lite Flite. Never an issue.

10/1/22 @ 10:41 PM
USER SINCE 1/10/21

Found a pretty good deal on Amazon for a 1200 inch/pound Milwaukee #2804 Fuel for 95 bux. Does not appear to be a refurb and it was advertised as new. Came in original packaging. Yes, it is plenty enough for my 6" Lazer, but I may eventually get an 8" "something" auger and want the extra grunt. Picked up the adapter and plate via Amazon as well. The adapter has multiple slots milled into the body so that the chuck prongs cannot possibly slip once tightened down. It has the safety plate so I won't lose the auger should it somehow work itself loose. Am somewhat anxious to cut some holes with it.

The only items I will need are a couple of 4 to 5 Amp batteries and a charger. 

8/23/22 @ 2:06 PM
USER SINCE 1/10/21

Thanks guys, appreciate the input.

8/23/22 @ 11:14 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
USER SINCE 3/14/08

I have a 7in with a two batterie 5amp Milwaukee.I have never had to use more than one batterie on a day trip.

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