I have been hauling my ATV across Wisconsin this winter from Fox Lake to Winnebago & Green Bay and found the greatest the product for keeping my $7000.00 investment salt, road slush & snow free. I have used travel covers in the past but they did not cover my Auger "with 6 in extension" and rear rack bag very well. I added a couple pictures showing my Grizzly 700 covered. I have Tatou 4 tracks that adds 2 foot of length to my machine and have yet to find a cover that works with tracks. But the cover I found this year has an ingenious ratchet system that unzips from the back of the machine. With a simple pull the cover tightens around my machine and keeps all the nasty stuff off my machine. A friend of mine towed his ATV last season without a cover and the road salt pitted all his aluminum and got into every nook and cranny. The cover also has 5 ratchet pockets so I can tie down my machine after I have loaded it on my trailer and covered it. It also has a Soft liner and super tuff fabric should last me a lifetime. I noticed they also had the same style for UTV's. Just thought I would share my find. Best fishing of the season is still ahead of us.http://www.dowcopowersports.com/new-guardian-trailerable-ratchet-fastening-atv-cover.aspx