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Annoying Things that happen when ice fishing!

12/8/20 @ 10:53 PM

Bait bucket lid flying away, line that gets stuck on ice chunks around the hole as you are rewrapping it, Wind blowing snow over your holes and leaving a mushy cap of wet thick snow all around the area, things falling out of your sled on the way back off the lake, and buying large shiners that are really mediums. 


1/15/21 @ 5:17 PM
Tim Zwieg
USER SINCE 1/10/12

Took the foam float of my transducer, super windy day, bye bye float!!

1/15/21 @ 11:12 AM
USER SINCE 11/26/01

When fishing a crowded lake and the coffee starts to kick in...

1/15/21 @ 10:54 AM
USER SINCE 3/21/14

Fishing on Lake Geneva once, 15" of ice near shore, open water out in the center, watching a kid (not mine) walking toward the open water - curious or stupid - and parents getting sh*tty when I yelled a warning to them.  Really?  Kid turned around on his own but could have been tragic.

Never had the shanty blowing across the lake with GF or W inside although it does give me an idea for the next time I am ice fishing Lake Geneva.  

Forgetting to bring cleats and sliding all across glare ice.

On the minnow issue, I bought a minnow bucket that fits inside a Big Box Store 5 gallon plastic bucket and pop the lid on the bucket when it is boat or sled.  98% solution.

Forgetting to dump minnows after fishing trip and only remembering them weeks later when the smell becomes overpowering. 

Film cans for waxies and spikes(!?) - you're dating yourself.  (Does anyone still sell film?) Go to Wally World and buy some small plastic containers with screw on lid or snap on lid.  Look in the kitchen appliances and supplies department.  Alternatively, go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and get small containers from crafts department.  Amazing.

Idiots that catch small bluegills or perch and leave them to freeze on ice.  Would it be that hard to throw them back?

1/15/21 @ 6:33 AM
USER SINCE 6/10/18

This is a great thread! Really enjoyed every ones replies so far!

So here goes:

When you have been fishing really hard at an ice hole for a long time without any bites then, you set your rod on the bucket and go to drill more holes only to watch my favorite ice fishing rod come alive and fly off the bucket with gusto... straight down the ice hole less than a minute after you set it down...while drilling a new hole. It still hurts me to think about that day!

When you do everything that you can to make your minnow bucket spill proof, but it still ends up spilling 95% of the water out of the minnow bucket by the time that you arrive at the ice fishing hole. I gave up transporting minnows on the ice because of this!!!!

When your line some how manages to get underneath the spool and tangle into the reel and you still don't know who exactly the line managed to get where it did to seize up the reel.

Wind blowing the sides of you pop up shelter in even when you think that you have done a great job securing the side with tie downs on a very windy day. This is the reason that I put my shelter in the trash and bought a really warm ice fishing suit and have not used a tent in years!

1/15/21 @ 3:38 AM

I had kids run into my flip over with some sort of stupidity accelerator(side by side), I hate the &#%&@ things, while I was sitting in  it. I helped the kids get off my shack and headed in a safer direction. The dads came over to smooth things out with me.  I was calm as could be. Kids are dumb and do dumb things. One dad said they were surprised I wasnt saying much. I replied that anyone stupid enough to let kids drive their idiot mobile on a busy lake is not interested in my words of wisdom. I was right. 

Line wrapping on the ice is annoying, I agree with that. 

1/14/21 @ 9:39 PM
One shot one kill

Poor ice , and your friends would  rather go to the golf simulator  . Wimps  !!!

1/14/21 @ 9:03 PM
lip rippin
USER SINCE 4/16/09

Ten year old kids that daddy brings out so he can over harvest and the tells them to go over there and run around scream and wrestle 15 yrds from you . The dog that runs wild and you hear a strange noise so you flip your lid and it is pissing on your flip over almost went to jail over that one .

1/3/21 @ 3:32 AM
USER SINCE 11/27/01

Why is it when it starts to get just a little dark out the line on my jig stick wraps around everything within five feet? The stray ice chip, boot laces, reel handle, etc.

1/2/21 @ 11:19 PM

Those who drive their ATV's out on thin ice and tons of snow.  Wrecks the landings for everyone!

1/2/21 @ 4:32 PM

Watching my shanty slide across the ice with my girlfriend (now wife) inside of it on a rather windy day.  

Waiting at the parking lot for your buddy/buddies who can't tell time.

Biting the tag end of line off and getting a spoon frozen stuck to your lip.

No minnow net.  Ever.  I have no idea where it goes but it never seems to be where I am.

The lid on the waxies comes off in your bibs pocket.  

Trying to get a lid off a film canister of split shot with frozen fingers.

Spilling said canister of split shot whilst trying to open it with frozen fingers.

Explain what a film canister is to a bunch of 12 year olds.

The spare bottle of propane is empty.

Telling my wife I checked the spare bottle of propane before we left home.

Packing up early because some idiot didn't check the spare  bottle of propane.

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