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Annoying Things that happen when ice fishing!

12/8/20 @ 10:53 PM

Bait bucket lid flying away, line that gets stuck on ice chunks around the hole as you are rewrapping it, Wind blowing snow over your holes and leaving a mushy cap of wet thick snow all around the area, things falling out of your sled on the way back off the lake, and buying large shiners that are really mediums. 


2/11/21 @ 10:40 AM
USER SINCE 3/17/06

I know the feeling,Huntfish. I fish far away from the community hole. Once I went out to a bay nobody had fished all winter. Found lots of fish, but they would not bite. Six different lures in, I finally found what they wanted, and the bite was on. 60 fish later, I see a guy trekking over from the main group far away. I see he has bucket but no auger. Oh boy, I already know what will happen. Like Huntfish had happen, this guy starts fishing my holes without even the courtesy of asking. I kept my mouth shut, caught another 30 fish, for about a total of 90 that day. The guy fished almost all my holes and caught only one or two fish, because he didn't know the only lure they wanted. And I wasn't gonna tell him, haha

2/10/21 @ 4:17 PM
USER SINCE 6/16/03

Drill a bunch of holes far away from anyone. Slamming the gills to look up and see a lone figure walking to me from a distance.  Shows up with just a pole and starts fishing my holes without even a hello.....Its almost dark and all the action was from one particular hole anyways.  Left to watch him go right to that hole to not even get a bite! They shut-off.  Perfect timing!

2/10/21 @ 2:50 PM
Bowhunting Guy
USER SINCE 5/22/18

When the wife calls to see what time you’ll be home. Without fail, the phone is in my pants pocket which requires removing my jacket, unzipping bibs, and ignoring one of the few marks I’ve had on the vex all day that is ready to eat. 

2/10/21 @ 11:58 AM
USER SINCE 12/28/20

Coming down the jagged shoreline carrying that cheap foam bucket to just got at the baitshop , to have the rope break the foam and your minnows laying all over the ice . while you frantically try to retrieve them and have to drill a quick hole for water.

And then to have a brother who screams "The Green Hornet Strikes Again" everytime he catches another one while your getting skunked. (Grumpy Old Men) if you didn't know. lol

2/9/21 @ 2:30 PM
USER SINCE 3/29/20

Having the main support bar for your shanty come loose from the wind and somehow swing perfectly over the hole and bye bye down the hole it goes before you can react and try to grab it 

2/9/21 @ 2:16 PM

I don't usually buy into all the newest jigs and lures but I really liked the looks and action of the new Hyper Glide lure. So after spending almost $9 for one I drop it down and catch a real nice crappie..great. Drop it down again and immediately gets bit off from a northern and gone.

2/9/21 @ 11:38 AM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

Oh yeah clipping the main line instead of the tag end after tying a new jig on, I’ve done that!!!

2/8/21 @ 10:36 PM
USER SINCE 3/29/20

Going outside your brand new shanty to get a flag that's up and hearing a crashing sound then turning around to see your brand new shanty flipped over and the heater you left on cuz it's Below zero burning a big hole in your shanty 

2/8/21 @ 9:50 PM

These are great and I can relate to most of them.

You get to the lake and realize you forgot your bibs so you either freeze or leave before prime time.  Usually you do both.

You take your lab along for some winter exercise.  You start drilling holes and the next thing you know he's checking out the portable 100 yards away.  He lifts his leg on the portable and then comes back with a 22ish inch frozen pike and proceeds to play keep away.  After 5 minutes and while trying to remain composed and not blow a gasket, you wrestle the slobbered and bit up pike away from him.  Then you do the walk of shame to an oblivious angler in the portable.  You say you're sorry while explaining what happened.  The other angler is not overjoyed.  You never tell them about the leg lift.  Sorry!  

2/4/21 @ 8:28 PM
USER SINCE 3/29/20

figured I'd add one more  finishing up fishing for the day and  locking up the shack and when getting back to the cabin realizing you've lost your keys somewhere in between and your locked out of the house and the shanty are and one else is home and won't be for a few hours at least great way to end a day of fishing lol

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