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$15 Rebate on 24 pack Bud products Meijer

5/23/23 @ 5:38 PM
User since 6/24/01

For any of you drinking Dylan Mulvaney special, final price of $1.24 for 24 pack. 

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7/14/23 @ 12:12 PM
User since 7/14/23
7/13/23 @ 11:59 AM
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PRO MEMBER User since 6/15/01
At Costco this morning, practically giving away Bud Light," @plinytheelder shared along with a picture of a Costco selling two 12-packs of the beer for $14.97.
6/11/23 @ 12:44 PM
User since 1/18/11
Just some advice to those of you buying AB products-rebate a real hassle. You scan a QR code. Then take photos of upc on case and cash revister receipt-BUY THE BEER SEPERATELY! So you have an easy to scan receipt. (I had plenty of groceries on receipt-don’t). 
Easy so far, now comes the s h i t ! It makes you take the picture like 20x before it accepts it. Then when and if it likes you, you get a virtual gift card for your $15. 
So it says you can mail it in, but i could find no way to do that… my wife kept after it. She is an exec at a tech co. Finally I said u keep the $15 for the hours it took to get. Besides I have no “virtual wallet” to spend it from. One would think, if Bud is trying to reclaim its fan base, THEY WOULD MAKE REBATE EASY AS POSSIBLE! 
They failed miserably…
6/9/23 @ 12:42 PM
6/9/23 @ 12:18 PM
User since 5/21/03
It is a fascinating time that we live in right now.

We are seeing firsthand how economics works.  And it is right there in our faces.

I've been around long enough to know that the stock market doesn't really like Democrat Presidents like it likes Republicans.

And now I'm watching large corporations realize that the folks that buy the most from them and give them profits do not want to stand for the "woke" ideology.

If catering to the vast (but very vocal) minority causes the majority to boycot your store or goods?  You gotta re-think your corporate philosophy.  And with social media being so prevalent, companies need to understand the word "caution" and they need to understand how social media can help your brand over time....or destroy it quickly.

Me?  I've never drank Bud Light.  Beer isn't my thing.  If I'm having one, it's going to be a thick dark beer.  And I do like those dark craft beers.  Target?  Meh.  Never really shopped there either. 

I've voted Democrat.  I've voted Republican.  I've got no real horse in this race.  Other than I want my 401k and my investments to start doing well again.  But dang, Target and Bud Light are learning lessons right now.  And there will be others, for sure.

6/2/23 @ 9:49 PM
User since 5/24/06
This stuff writes itself...  lol good work mirroman. Good work.  Lmfao!!!

6/2/23 @ 5:26 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21
I think the “Sleeping Giant“ is slowly being awaken by the Woke idiots. Idiots may be too kind of a word in this circumstance but I’m in a good mood tis morn. 
Normal people are finally able to do something about this small minority of Idiots trying to shove their thought process on normal people. If you work for a woke company, I would recommend searching for other employment before the place you work for gets boycotted by normal Americans sick of the stupid, and I mean STUPID crap going on.

For the people that support this stuff, don’t forget about PrideFest at SummerFest grounds this weekend. 
6/1/23 @ 10:08 PM
User since 3/29/22
Are you kidding me? That was about the most ignorant rant I've read from one of you woke zombies. You have been so brainwashed by the liberal school system that it is scary. This movement that you make light of is not going away. The fact that you take it as a compliment is just further proof of your brainwashing.  I'll give you one thing, you managed to get in most of the usual keywords and talking points.

Do you really think its OK to be marketing "pride" merchandise to kids? To teach that there are more than 2 genders? To allow kids to to take puberty blockers?  Drag shows for elementary school kids?  I could go on and on. I'm sorry, but if you agree with this garbage you truly are the problem.

6/1/23 @ 9:24 PM
User since 3/29/22
You just don't get it, do you?
6/1/23 @ 9:22 PM
User since 5/24/06
Mirroman, clearly you missed my point. The irony isnt even funny.
 I will take being called out of touch on this "movement" as an excellent compliment.
How does a rainbow display in target affect you? Just walk on by.  
I was attempting to point out the hypocrisy and foolishness displayed in this whole "movement". Let people be people. How is a beer can or target clothes section affecting kids? 
You are being fooled and used to drum up support of a fear campaign by the leaders of the right. Same old tactics here... it is either race, gender, guns, immigrants, etc... jeeez people are scared they will lose their gas stoves and be forced to drive a prius... just comical what the right uses to gain support.  No policy. No ideas. Just fear, anger, victim playing, and hatred.
 I would argue more harm and indoctrination happens at religious schools or districts where books are banned and history is whitewashed than at your local target or whatever the next thing will be to be afraid of.  
Btw...I'd love to have a beer with you sometime to discuss this more...oh...wait...that's right. Wine maybe?  Yall got that covered. Smh...you do still at least watch football, right? 
6/1/23 @ 2:51 PM
User since 10/24/17
I hope people feel like they've made their point and get back to drinking AB beers.  The reality of the boycott is its going to cause a much bigger hardship on all the hundreds of independent AB distributors and their 1000s of workers.   All they do is move AB products so they are not insulated from the Boycott like InBev which has stated on the record Bud Light accounts for less 1% of their world wide sales.
6/1/23 @ 9:21 AM
User since 3/29/22
  Tell me you're so out of touch with this movement without telling me how out of touch you are with this movement?

Has nothing to do with the beer. That was merely the catalyst that got this whole thing going. And I hope it keeps steamrolling through corp[orate America.
I've always said that they only thing they understand is money. You can make all the calls, send all the emails, etc... They DO NOT CARE. Money, money, money is what gets their attention. And when they are not getting YOUR money, then you've got their attention.

The vast majority of the population is repulsed by all this woke garbage. Especially when they are marketing and influencing children. People were also afraid to be called a bigot, homophobe, or white supremacist (the new word for racist).  But those days are over. We all know we are none of those words.   AB InBev, Target, and our own Kohls are feeling the wrath of the good people. You'd better believe the rest of the corporate world is paying attention and rethinking the way they market their products.

So keep telling yourself its about a beer.

5/26/23 @ 8:25 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

JAK79KEL - sorry,  I stand for something bigger than saving a few bucks.  Free beer doesn't make what's going on in Brandon's world any better.
5/25/23 @ 9:27 PM
User since 5/10/14
Lousy beer. It is like bucket water and mulvany is a freak and a poor roll model. No Thanks.
5/25/23 @ 9:12 PM
User since 5/24/06
Makes me laugh to see all the cancel culture from the so-called party of free speech.  All the sheep falling into line to stop drinking the same crappy beer that they probably drank for years over a minor marketing ploy. Hate to break it to ya...if miller or Coors thought marketing of this kind would make them more money they would do it too. See link below...Companies could care less about hurt feelings of a very insecure bunch of whiners...get over yourselves and this ideology of hate and fear.  Drinking a bud light will not turn you gay. Lol


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