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What is your go to gun(s) for deer hunting?

7/15/14 @ 9:43 AM
MEMBER since 6/13/06
What is the gun or guns you reach for out of your safe when it is deer hunting time?

Last year our unit went to rifle instead of shotgun. I used a savage 110 in 270 with a zeiss scope. Got my first whitetail with a rifle and I have been hunting since I was 12. I am now 39. All the rest of my deer have been taken with a shotgun.

This year I will be using that 270 for stand hunting and a DPMS compact hunter in 308 for our drives.

8/12/14 @ 9:31 AM
1fowl one
1fowl one
User since 12/9/10
444 Marlin. I usually hunt thick cedar swamps, up in da U.P. eh. The 32 Winchester comes along for the ride, back up gun. Occasionally I'll hunt with someone else, on there land, with the possibility of taking a 250+yd poke. Then its the 300 win mag. and the 8mm Mauser for the back up... I can't believe the season is just around the corner. This year my son will be along and hunting. So Its time to blow the dust off the old 30-30. I'll be spending a little more time in the woods this year and a little less in the marsh.

8/8/14 @ 10:13 PM
User since 4/5/09
I shoot a Browning A-Bolt in .270 for both Wi short range whitetail (usually, shotgun once in a while when necessary) and hunts out west. I like it for out west, but for Wi whitetail I would trade it for a .308 in a second.

8/7/14 @ 3:32 PM
User since 5/2/05
300 Weatherby mag 180 grain sierra game king bullet, sound like over kill? not, longer range and popple slash, the 300wby gets the job done.

5/27/16 @ 8:54 PM
Hill of No Fishes
User since 5/27/08
3 stands and driving - Stag 7H, 6.8 SPC, Redfield Revolution. 1 stand that has a 200 yard sight line - Savage 11/111 30.06, Redfield Revolution.

My 6.8 is about the best rifle I have ever shot. I took it to the range last year (bags and blocks). Shot 4 rounds, 3 were close enough to rip paper, one was about 1/2" off. Honestly, the rifle is more accurate than any man can be.

7/31/14 @ 6:43 AM
Old Salt
Old Salt
User since 8/14/02
Wyoming mule deer? A Ruger M77 MKII in 7mm Rem Mag

Mid to long range whitetails? A Browning BAR in 270 wsm.

Beating the brush or marsh for whitetails? A Marlin 1895 in 45-70 or 12 gauge Remington 1187 with 00 buckshot.

If I could only have one to do all of the above, I'd go with the BAR, of course.

7/30/14 @ 12:04 PM
User since 7/3/08
Winchester Model 70, 30-06 built in 1964.

Leopold VX-II 2.5 to 7 power scope.

I re-did the stock. Stripped it down, took off the Black plastic furniture and carved replacements out of Ebony Wood.

Traded even up for my Remington 742. Best deal I ever made.

7/29/14 @ 8:46 AM
Foundry Rat
User since 1/21/10
It would be a terrible waste to get blood on a perfectly good apple.

7/26/14 @ 2:38 PM
MEMBER since 5/17/06
I live in Illinois. I use a Thompson Center Pro Hunter 12 ga. It is topped with a 1.5 X 5 Simmons shotgun scope. Have taken deer out to 123 yds. (according to rangefinder). She dropped in her tracks.

7/26/14 @ 11:31 AM
Foundry Rat
User since 1/21/10
Savage 110E .270 with a Leupold VX-II 3-9. It's the first rifle I ever bought, second scope. I shortened the stock 1" for heavy clothes, butterflied the bolt and turned it down to get more clearance at the scope. Helps in follow up shots. Free floated the barrel and bedded the action. Used Holden Iron Sighter mounts, just in case inclement weather, or an exhale fowled the scope. Hold out an apple and at 200 yards I'll punch a hole in it. It used to be a crab apple but I'm more than 30 years older and so is the gun.

7/25/14 @ 12:24 PM
Steve @ G & S
MEMBER since 6/15/01
For me, my current "go-to" rifle for deer hunting is my custom built .25-06. Built on an FN, Mauser style action, it has a custom Badger heavy sporter barrel, a Huber Concepts trigger and a left-hand thumbhole laminate stock. Sitting on top is a Simmons 3x9 that's held up and shoots amazingly well. I wanted to put a better scope on it, but when I was breaking in the barrel, I grabbed a scope I had laying around. While shooting the barrel and cleaning after each shot, I kept all ten shots in one ragged hole at 100 yards, so I decided that the scope could just stay right there....

It's not a lightweight gun, but it is a real tack-driver and every deer I've shot with it, I've gotten.

Formerly Steve @ G & S

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