Saturday, Sep 19th, 2015 Colfax Bowling Pin Match

Colfax Sportsmen's Club Bowling Pin Matches: Double elimination blind seed head to head bowling pin and bowling pin head shoot for both centerfire pistol & rimfire and pistol in 6 different divisions. All matches start from the low ready position.

Division 1 - Rimfire Rifle age 15 and under shoot pin heads Division 2 - Rimfire Rifle shoot pin heads Division 3 - Rimfire Pistol shoot pin heads Division 4 - Minor Centerfire - 9mm, 38 special and below Division 5 - Major Centerfire - 357, 40, 10mm, 45acp Division 6 - Magnum Centerfire - 41, 44, 45LC, 460, 480, 500

Location: Colfax Sportsmen's Club Colfax, Dunn County Range E8498 810th Ave Colfax, WI 54730

Club Website: Registration: 9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

Match fee:

$10.00 entry fee for each division you wish to participate in. Pay out to 1st & 2nd place in each division based on number of paying participants. See bowling pin page at club website.