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Anyone have experience with the Ruger GP100?

3/8/17 @ 7:13 AM
Paddle Power
Paddle Power
User since 1/6/17

I'm interested in getting a real "woods gun." I don't own any revolvers and don't know much about them. I'm mostly interested in 6" .357 mag, I like the idea of being able to reload in 38 special for range fun/plinking and may someday entertain the thought of hunting with it.

Before I get the "buy a S&W" response I refuse to purchase a firearm that has a keyed lock mechanism, so unless I stumble upon a used 686 Smith is out for me. I typically prefer to buy new.

I'm open to other brands but if you recommend them please tell me why I should choose it over Ruger. My max price is $1K +/- a few but I'm not afraid to stretch the budget if it's a quality firearm.

3/31/17 @ 10:09 AM
Paddle Power
Paddle Power
User since 1/6/17

Thanks for the input everyone. I have started to think more and more about 44 mag. I'm not worried about .357 not taking care of business in WI woods, my decision would be different if I planned on making an Alaskan adventure but for now I'm concerned with WI wolves and black bears. I do reload and so do several family members, which have 40+ years of WI black bear hunting experience, .357 has never failed them.

I did get to fondle a 629 and must admit it did feel good in the hands and they sure are pretty but I still don't get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. My search will continue.

3/31/17 @ 7:38 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I've got the Smith 44 mag model 629 in 6" barrel.  I do not lock it, and am not concerned about it accidently locking up, my key sits at home.  I went back and forth between a Ruger and a Smith, and it really came down to the Smith fit my hand better.

I preferred the 44 for a hunting gun, the GP100 and Smith 629 weigh about the same, so that is not an issue.  I just felt for a hunting gun, I preferred the 44.

You said you could reload 38 spl's into a 357 case.  If you are a reloaded, couldn't you reload a light 44?

3/30/17 @ 1:16 PM
User since 7/13/16

44 or bigger will down a bear easier then 357 I will admit that, I own a Taurus 357 Model 608 Big Frame Hunter that I purchased for multiple reasons. I use 200 grain double tap solid lead ammo. I have shot 2 bears with this pistol with no issues. 1st bear was helping out a friend of friend track his bear that he arrowed  right before dark and the bear turned out to be very much alive and didn't like us very much 2 shots later was down for the count(last shot was at my feet in full charge!). 2nd bear i just wanted to see if i could drop anther one shot that bear on the ground with hounds no issues. 357 works fine if i had the cash I own a Ruger, Taurus was more in my price range. 

3/29/17 @ 8:51 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

I had a Ruger GP101 and ended up selling it. It was the blued model and lighter than the stainless. I did not like the blowback that I could feel on the 6 hairs on my head. I have a Ruger Redhawk .44mag that I absolutely love to shoot. I believe the .44mag is a much better option for hunting and protection. .357 loads are typically 130gr and 158gr. There are others available but those are more rare and harder to find at your local store. .44mag in 240gr leaves a bigger hole and lots more lead. 

My dad used to have an expression that went something like ----- If you are going to use a .357 to protect yourself from a bear, make sure you file the front sight off so it doesn't hurt as much when the bear shoves it up your ass.

3/29/17 @ 7:54 PM
User since 1/9/09

I've had my GP100 for 6 yrs. or so.  It's 6' stainless.  Planned to use it for hunting but never got around to doing that.  Just used for some plinking. Nice sturdy gun. All I've done is add an illuminated front site. Now it just sits on the headboard of our bed.  Just in case.

3/22/17 @ 7:26 AM
User since 6/20/16

There is no doubt about the Ruger GP100, because it is a solid performers, easy to shoot and reek of quality, which the cylinder is designed to lock in three different spots: the front, rear and bottom. For me it proves the best shotgun.

3/14/17 @ 9:11 AM
User since 2/25/12

44 specs are nice to shoot. The only trouble is the shells are more money than the mag shell sometimes. 

3/14/17 @ 4:58 AM
User since 12/9/12

I've had my GP 100 for years. Mine is the 4 inch stainless. It's always been a fun gun to shoot and the trigger has really smoothed out over time. I know Ruger now makes a 44 special model that is now on my list.

3/14/17 @ 4:12 AM
Paddle Power
Paddle Power
User since 1/6/17

Understood. However,  I am now subjected to questioning the integrity of said lock. How do I know it will always stay unlocked?

At this point I'm leaning more towards Ruger. Appearance alone doesn't warrant this particular purchase.

The trigger is beginning to become a moot point as I've read enough to realize a good smith can change that aspect of the firearm quite easily. So unless I can find evidence that the Smith is more reliable throughout its lifetime and/or substantially more accurate. I'm having a tough time understanding what makes the Smith revolvers "better" than the Rugers.

3/13/17 @ 4:23 PM
User since 12/9/01
You don't have to keep it locked. Doesn't matter if you lose the key then. 

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