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Rifle for my daughter

9/14/15 @ 12:34 PM
User since 4/3/03
I am in Heaven, My 10 yr old daughter is going through hunter Safety and will soon be able to join me in the deer woods and pheasant fields. I have a plethora of Shotguns for her, but was thinking of getting her a rifle for deer hunting.

My question for you more accomplished shooters on here is; Is a .270 too much for a young shooter? In my opinion it isn't, but I don't shoot rifles. Im still old school slug and shotgunner. I took her trap shooting yesterday and she did very well with a .410 and she switched up to a Rossi single shot 20 gauge. She did quite well with that and actually hit quite a few clay pigeons. She wanted to shoot my 12 gauge but we left good enough alone.

She is a little taller than most, fairly athletic, and very eager to join me in the woods! Thanks in advance, Fishdaily

2/3/17 @ 10:06 AM
Paddle Power
Paddle Power
User since 1/6/17

Excellent choice going with .243, my wife has taken many deer with 95gr Nosler ballistic tips thru a Rem Model 7. It's a great round for beginners and will suit veteran hunters too, and you never know you may grab it one day and decide you need to notch the belt with the .243.

2/3/17 @ 8:27 AM
User since 6/20/16

You have good opinion for 243 Rifle. It is perfect sized and balanced shotgun. I really like it as it gives me great enjoy while shooting. 

11/30/15 @ 9:50 AM
Hill of No Fishes
User since 5/27/08
We just started my 9 y/o out on a 6.8 SPC and have absolutely no regrets. He will be ready for the youth hunt next year as he is already dead on at 100 yards. Very minimal recoil and a deadly round...

11/25/15 @ 11:35 AM
Brian Hammarsten
User since 4/5/10
243 is a great option. Mild recoil and flat shooting trajectory. 270 is manageable as well and with a good recoil pad and proper shooting technique can be a good option too.

Someone mentioned a 30/30. Many of them are lever actions and one of the last ones I looked at I didnt like. If you wanted to bring the hammer forward you had to take the gun off safety, thumb the hammer and then pull the trigger. Some of the brands now allow you to keep the safety on so there is less of a potential for an accident.

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9/30/15 @ 12:26 PM
User since 4/3/03
Thank you all for your input and considerations!! I was up in the air and bought a .243 and a .270.

Thought Id like the ,270 if nothing else. The .243 is a Rossi with the interchangeable barrel with a 20 gauge and a red dot scope.

I had the 12 yr old and the 10 old out to sight in the rifles after their hunter safety field day and they both liked the .243. Then I started in with the sighting in the .270 and thought the savage 270 with Bushnell scope is pretty easy to shoot!! I asked Ellen if she wanted to try and she said yes. Once we got the scope dialed in she was lobbing them into the bullseye consistently. I guess Im stuck with the 12 gauge slug barrel!!

Your feedback was greatly appreciated, Thanks and Happy Hunting!! Fishdaily!!

9/28/15 @ 5:11 PM
Cold hands
User since 9/11/10
Started my son with a 243. He loved it. Then he found girls.

9/28/15 @ 1:05 PM
User since 10/3/12
I think a 270 would be too much recoil for a 10 yr old. Like the others say, 30/30 has nice low recoil, 243 is good too.

9/25/15 @ 12:27 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
Yes I vote for the 243. Each of my kids have started out with a Model 700 243. Very manageble gun and recoil. I just wish that I had a 243 of my own. They each get to take their gun with them.

9/21/15 @ 8:01 PM
User since 12/6/10
Just because the 243, 7-08 and 308 are based on the same case does not mean they have similiar recoil. I've shot them all and the 243 definatly recoils less. In my daughters little Ruger Hawkeye in 243 the recoil is not bad but the same gun in 308 is a beast. The 338 Federal and the 358 Winchester are also based on the 308 and they can be real brutal.

Another option might be a 30/06 and then use Remington or Hornady managed recoil ammunition.

9/21/15 @ 7:25 PM
land man
User since 9/12/06
If you shoot 150 grain factory loads from a 308, the recoil is very similar to that of a 270 with 130 grain factory loads. A 7mm-08 has less recoil than both and a 243 much less. So, if a 270 is too much, a 308 is too much (again with factory loads). If you buy reduced recoil or load your own, it changes.

Chuck Hawks has a nice recoil table (google it) and you can see the difference between calibers and bullet weights.

My choice for a 10 year old would be a 243 or 30-30. I started my kids with a 243 and it worked extremely well. My daughter is 18 now and still shoots a 243. My sister started with and still shoots a 30-30, that has done very well for her also.

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