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Anyone else sick of "tactical?"

7/7/14 @ 2:29 PM
MEMBER since 6/13/06
I posted this on the I hate thread over in the general discussion part of the forum but I will put it up here too.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so sick of seeing "tactical" on everything related to the outdoors. My guns and ammo subscription is 98% AR or polymer pistol related, compound bows are dressed in carbon fiber tactical black, turkey vests are now tactical, rifle scopes are tactical, tactical pocket knives, tactical packs of every shape and size, etc. I own AR rifles and polymer pistols so I am not against them, just sick of everything and anything tactical.

9/18/19 @ 8:02 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

Tackical toilet paper would "wipe them out"  !

9/18/19 @ 4:30 PM
User since 4/10/11

I have tactical socks and underwear. Thinking of getting tactical toilet paper.

9/18/19 @ 2:26 PM
User since 9/27/01

My most recent handgun purchase was a 1911-A1 Tactical model. 100+ year-old design but tactical all the same. It's black and scary looking so that's cool.

9/18/19 @ 12:39 PM
User since 6/20/01

Was shopping for a hard side gun case and seat covers at Cabelas and sure enough, they have TACTICAL SEAT COVERS!

Let's be real people.....

4/8/15 @ 6:36 PM
User since 4/18/06
Did you notice tactical even entered ice jigging rods and reels this year. Yea I could use a breather for a while too. Speechless

4/7/15 @ 11:53 PM
User since 1/17/12
I personally think the tactical craze is good though as it has gotten a ton more people into Shooting which is a good thing. Everyone has their own niche of guns they really like to shoot and for many it's tactical style ARs these days. I personally only own 1 AR anymore. A 20" colt A2 that I love shooting. I had about 4k into 2 others that were really set up. I realized as I wasn't in LE or the military and I personally had no use for them and didn't really enjoy shooting them that much, so I dumped them to buy stuff I shoot more. I'm glad alot of people like them though. sometimes I just miss seeing a lot of other guns at the range that I seldom see anymore and shooting the bull with the guys that owned them. It gets redundant talking to guys about their decked out ARs. Maybe I'm just getting a bit old and nostalgic. Tounge Out

4/7/15 @ 2:19 PM
User since 4/16/11
Shadling1. I had the same experience, when i took my Ruger GP 100 4 inch to shoot. Took it to a gun range who a friend belongs too, on a weekend and you think the guys seen new Technology. I am glad i have a sand pit to still Shoot in. These people with this new tactical stuff are smart but very uneducated on Wheel Guns.

4/5/15 @ 11:25 PM
User since 1/17/12
Just had to raise this thread back up because a trip I had at the range yesterday. I normally shoot weekdays to avoid the crowds but a buddy just picked up a S&W .357 with a 6" barrel he wanted to blow a few rounds through. I was at the range the day before but never miss another opportunity to shoot. Grabbed my carry glock 26 and met him at the range. We get there and there were 5 other guys out there. Every one had an AR with all the toys hanging off them plus a bunch of M&Ps, glock and so on. I love my tactical guns myself, so I can't rip anyone else that loves them. The funny part was once my buddy started blowing magnum loads through his wheel gun 3 of the other younger shooters were over by us just drooling over the thing like it was some new technology. My buddy let each of them shoot a full 6 through it. Almost pissed myself when one of them said it was kind of "scary" to shoot. The other 2 both said now they wanted to buy a wheel gun. Just really made me laugh that guys with near 2k tied up in their ARs thought a revolver was so exciting. I think for some people whatever is new to them is exciting.

1/20/15 @ 8:30 PM
'da Coach
'da Coach
User since 12/23/08
I get kind of a kick out of so much angst being expressed about "tactical".

Personally, I've got no particular problem with any it. Sure, some of it is silly, but hey, it can be kinda fun to be silly sometimes. Really no different than the camo craze, IMO. Camo furniture, & quilts, camo sneakers, coffee mugs, camo lacey underalls, what the heck? If you work for RealTree or Mossy Oak, it means "ka-ching"!

For my part, I got me some Tactical floor mats for my car. Tactically, they stay put better than what I had, and support my strategic goal of keeping the carpeting dry while not getting in the way of the gas & brake pedals, lol.

I'm still kinda disappointed that I didn't end up getting the Tactical Holiday Stocking. Christmas would have been so much more functional if only I'd had a MOLLE stocking complete with swivel caribiner and a grab 'n go top handle.

And, like Timmer posted, still way much better than the Zombie cr@p!

11/19/14 @ 7:28 PM
User since 10/15/14
Ditto to Ditto's remarks,

If you're nocking the modern sporter (AR) platform and have not tried a quality one you're as much a fashion victim as the guy wearing a full MOLLE set at the range.

Mine has no flashlight, no bayonet and no quad rail. It does have a 2.5X10 Vortex scope and free floated barrel and places 120 grain hand loads into .35" groups at 100 yds, over and over again. Few and far between are the proud owners of Turkish Walnut encrusted rifles of the bygone that outperform the likes of I.

I shoot often and love my 6.8. I have every confidence in it as an effective, efficient and surgical game taker. I also am far more likely to show up to the range in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt than a full tack vest...maybe just get me fill during that special 2-3 weeks every July or August when I get my fill of that complete with Kevlar.

Whether you like to wear a tack vest or Filson and tweed I could care less. I do have far more respect for the hunter that enters the woods this weekend having punched 1000 bulls eyes in the off season than the one that is still working off that same box of '06 from 1988 and calling himself a practiced shot.

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