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44 and 357 rifles

5/24/21 @ 9:24 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

I keep seeing these ads for lever action rifles chambered for 44 and 357 magnum. Of course theyre legal for deer hunting. But how practical are these rifle calibers. If I want a lever action deer rifle there is always the classic 30-30.  So what are the 44 and 357 rifles good for at over $800.


6/13/21 @ 9:38 AM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
USER SINCE 7/24/20

I have a super red hawk as well with an 8 in barrel. Taken deer up to 35 yards. With a rifle barrel 44 has a much better punch. Still wish I had my carbine rifles. 

6/13/21 @ 7:45 AM
USER SINCE 11/19/03

When my daughter started hunting we wanted something with low recoil and quieter, plus she shoots left-handed.  I borrowed a .357 Marlin 1894 from a friend.  She loved shooting it and the next year I bought one for her.  She has now taken a number of deer at ranges beginning around 25 yards up through her first buck taken at 80 yards with one shot through the neck.  Ammo used so far has been Winchester Silvertips and performance has been very good.  Where we were hunting we did not need a longer distance rifle so this was really a very good fit.  

5/27/21 @ 11:28 PM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

Yeah, I saw that on there a couple days does seem kinda steep, but with ammo prices through the roof and that gun being as hard to come by as it is, you can name your price. Doesn't mean you'll get it, but you can shoot for the moon I guess? The .44 Mag carbine doesn't do anything my 350 Legend can't do, and I prefer the lower recoil of the 350, even though neither are heavy hitters. Ammo is also cheaper for the 350. And with the adjustable stock on my AR, my kids will be able to shoot the 350 way before the .44 Mag. Like I said, if I could get a smokin' deal on a .44 carbine, I'd consider buying one, but I'm not paying $1000+ for one. Again, they're cool, but not THAT cool...There are more modern offerings that are ballistically superior to the .44 Mag. that can be had for a lot less money. I don't live in a state that requires straight wall cartridges, so although intriguing, that carbine has a lot less appeal to me. I think they should bring them back and offer it in other rimmed calibers like .357? Those older ones would still hold their value to collectors, but would also allow people to buy one at a reasonable price ($500-600 vs. $900-1000+)...

5/27/21 @ 7:18 AM
USER SINCE 1/16/15

I have a Ruger Super Redhawk pistol .44 mag i use for deer hunting and love it, although a rest is required unless fairly close range. Years ago I bought a Ruger .44 mag carbine so I could reach into one pocket and grab bullets for both guns and use the carbine for longer shots. As someone else said “ it’s a Ruger 10/22 on steroids “.  Practice with the 10/22 and your Good to go!!!   I have had the carbine for many years and wouldn’t trade it for any other gun. it is good to go out to 150 yards without hesitation and where I hunt , I don’t shoot anywhere near that distance but have the ability!!!

I have never had to take more than one shot at a deer with either .44 mag and always smile and chuckle to myself when seeing its knockdown power!!!   The carbine is so small and easy to handle and truly just a joy to hunt with. My son and grandkids will be fighting over it when I’m done with it!!!

I won’t tell ya what I paid for it used years ago as it would make you sick. Back then nobody really knew what they had. On a side note.....I got to dispatch a diseased Buffalo from a herd and dropped it where it stood with the .44 carbine!!!


5/27/21 @ 7:12 AM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
USER SINCE 1/11/05

MP-maybe you already know but there is an ad on the TP for a Ruger .44 carbine and a Redhawk Hunter, being sold as a set with 200 rounds of ammo. The price seems high to me, but I don’t know anything about it. 

5/26/21 @ 11:22 PM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

I have always wanted one of the 99/44 carbines, but they go for INSANE money and although cool, I cannot justify spending that kind of money on a rifle that is limited in range compared to my bolt guns and even my 350 Legend. I already had an AR for coyote hunting, so I just ordered an upper chambered in 350 Legend and slapped them together. I use 10 round magazines (modified .223/5.56 polymer mags) that hold 9 rounds of 350 Legend. More range than other straight wall cartridges, with more capacity and the ability to switch calibers in seconds by pushing out two pins on the receiver. What's not to like? It is about the perfect 'woods gun' if you ask me.

5/26/21 @ 9:30 PM

I agree the LOP feels short, especilly since I have long arms. It's compact size does make it great for snap quick shots. I trained and became comfortable using my M-4's buttstock collapsed during CQB scenarios so the 99/44 doesn't feel too akward to me.  I also replaced the sights to fiber optic front and Williams arperture in the rear. I find them quicker to use when a deer pops up in front of you while still hunting. I have other rifle options for long range more open shooting opportunities.

All-in-all it's a handy little rifle with some real knock down power. 

BTW, for areas that are "shotgun only" likeforrested areas at Grandpa's farm in central IL, I use a 20ga Mossberg w/slug barrel affixed with the "youth" stock. It works well also.

5/26/21 @ 1:22 PM
One shot one kill

Mope, I have the same,  but it feels so short . I put a slide on butt pad to get an extra inch or so .

5/26/21 @ 12:30 PM

I have a Ruger model#99/44 carbine. It's lightweight, short, and fast handling. I use it in thick woods and as a brush gun. It hits with a punch. I've taken several deer with it. Guys use it for hunting feral hogs in the south. They were manufactured between 2000 and 2006. There is an older model that has a tubular magazine. Mine has a rotary mgazine similar to a 10-22 magazine on steroids.  There are are a few videos about it. The attached link is one of the better videos.  

5/25/21 @ 7:45 AM
USER SINCE 6/21/19

Master Piker pretty much sums it up, only thing to add is 2 stamp it.

SBR (12") and a suppressor!

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