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350 Legend AR-15 for Whitetail

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11/28/22 @ 5:02 PM
User since 9/27/01

I think I have gun envy. A relative showed up for deer camp this year with an AR-15 carbine chambered in 350 Legend. Winchester designed the straight-walled cartridge for deer hunting. Should be legal in many states that only allow shotgun rounds. Anyways, I've been watching videos on the cartridge and it's ballistics and I think I want one. Ballistics are similar to the 30-30 winny. Maybe a bit better. Anyone here have one and hunt with it? Thoughts? I know some firearms companies make bolt action rifles in 350L but I'm interested in the black scary gun version. 

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12/12/22 @ 9:46 PM
User since 12/7/05


What ammo did your grandson use to shoot that doe, if you don't mind me asking? I am currently using the 150 gr. Deer Season XP because I'm concerned about the 170-180 gr. soft points not expanding at 125-150 yards due to velocity/energy loss at those distances. I know the gun will hit them right where I want, but I want the terminal performance to match the accuracy. Both my AR upper and Savage Axis will do sub-MOA when I do my part. The only ammo neither of them like is the Federal PowerShok/Non Typical, which have ~2-2.5" groups at 100 yards. Would still work in a pinch, but other ammo does half that!

12/12/22 @ 5:39 PM
User since 9/22/11

I also put one together this year for deer season.  I love it. Shoots great.  

12/2/22 @ 6:14 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/1/22

I have a ruger american rifle in 350L, love the gun and the round.  Just before gun deer season, I purchased a Great Lakes Arms AR-15 in 350L. My 15 year old grandson used it and took a doe at about 130 yards.  She never felt a thing. Accuracy at 100 yards was VERY impressive. 

12/2/22 @ 8:28 AM
User since 1/10/21

I have yet to hunt with one, but but my buddy has. Tinkertoyed this for him with a barrel from Bear Creek. It has fired multiple 1MOA groups at 100yds and has harvested a couple of average sized Central WI whitetails. One shot at about 50yds and the other at 75. Both animals were lung shot with Win 180gr soft points and did not travel far. Recoil is a smidgen over that of a std 223, but the recoil impulse has a longer dwell. A perfect caliber for whitetail in the woods because it will deliver >1000 ft/lbs at 150yds, a long poke in the average woods with a flat enough trajectory to that distance.

The only real issue with the 350 Legend is that "some" chambers and ammunition have an issue with ignition. This is because the cartridge headspaces on the mouth of the case. Crimped ammo is a no-no. Make certain that you test a given lot of factory ammo for reliable ignition. 

11/29/22 @ 8:28 PM
User since 12/7/05


I did the same thing...ordered a couple cases of the ammo mine shot best...which was 150 gr. Deer Season XP and Hornady American Whitetail 170 gr. I also ordered a set of reloading dies, 300 pieces of Starline brass and some Hornady bullets to roll a few of my own in case the caliber didn't take to the market, which we now know it has plenty of traction! 

11/29/22 @ 8:42 AM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
User since 1/11/05

I did a bunch of reading that got me interested, but availability of the ammo was a big part of what swung my decision to get one. I am gonna load up on a bunch of it just in case that changes down the line. I ordered online last week and it was delivered to my FFL dealer yesterday. Looking Forward to picking it up today. 

I would love one in the AR Platform, but went with a Winchester XPR for now. It’s paired with a Vortex Crossfire II. I also ordered 5 boxes of 170 grain ammo at $21/box.

Hoping to fill a doe tag with it in the extra season. 

Good luck BT.

11/29/22 @ 4:44 AM
User since 12/7/05


It's actually the exact opposite...350 Legend is some of the most affordable centerfire rifle ammo available...and the nice thing is: it is AVAILABLE!! EVERYWHERE! Maybe his is 450 Bushmaster??? That stuff is like $40-45/box...

I have two of these gems...an 18" AR-15 Upper and a Savage Axis XP 16" Heavy Barrel. No recoil, accurate (sub-MOA with both rifles at 100 yards), inexpensive ammo to include FMJ plinking ammo @ $15/box, great terminal performance...what's not to like? My niece and nephew have killed a couple deer this year with their 350 Legend. Great on-game performance! None of the deer went over 60 yards and had good blood trails that a 9 and 11 year old could follow. For my AR upper I have two 10-round P-Mags that I modified from 5.56 to 350 Legend with a Dremel tool and a sanding drum. They work flawlessly and having 10 rounds of .35 caliber ammo in a handy, quick-pointing rifle is awesome! I am contemplating taking the 3-9x40 scope off my AR and mounting a red dot and using it for deer drives. 

The ammo, like all ammo, went up a LOT this year. When I purchased my upper two years ago, Deer Season XP 150 gr. ammo was $19.94/box at WalMart and 145 gr. FMJ was $9.96/box. Now the Deer Season XP is $32-34/box and the FMJ are $15/box.

But to answer your question...GET ONE! It is a very fun caliber to shoot and works very well on deer out to 200 yards. I bought a set of reloading dies and am starting to roll my own ammo for mine as well...which is almost as fun as shooting my 350's!

11/29/22 @ 12:13 AM
User since 6/26/01

A friend mentioned the other day that he has one. The only thing he said about it was that ammunition is crazy expensive for it.

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