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Wire line dipsys

4/17/17 @ 8:55 PM
User since 1/11/02

In fear of getting completely ridiculed I have yet to ask this question... but I will anyway.

I've been hearing a lot about a wire dipsey set up lately. How is that set up?

 I have used wire on boards, but I have not seen or witnessed a dipsey wire set.

 I personaly use mono slide divers and that's really simple. No problems in using them.

I assume the wire is in front of the dipsey and the line is played out just like a traditional dipsey. Correct?

 So my thinking is wire spooled on reel with small swivel, then 75' ish floro  leader then bait?

 I have looked online for a "directions on spooling and set up" but I can't seem to find the answers to fill in the blanks.

 Unlike other places on here, I have found you Great Lakes guys are very nice to us beginners and I'm just looking for advice. I'm thinking I'm possibly missing out and should have this in my arsenal for next year.

1/31/20 @ 10:16 AM
the bounty hunter
User since 6/2/19

Jason,what brand and strand of wire do you use

1/28/20 @ 7:21 AM
Jason Woda
User since 9/1/01

Wire line rods should not have any connections other than to the backing. Line to line splices are not recommended. Each wire line set up should have 1000 feet of wire on the real. As years go by you just keep cutting back the wire every season or if you get a kink. if spooled properlyand depending on how much you fish the wire should last you a number of years before you have to re-spool

Reel Sensation Charters
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1/27/20 @ 4:49 PM
User since 8/15/06

That will definitely be the “weak” link in the scheme of what you’re trying to accomplish. Are u splicing back together? Anyone ever try small sleeves and crimping, cover with heat shrink? If u go barrel swivel route I still think one side of the wire or other combined with the swivel will “cut” itself off 

1/26/20 @ 4:42 PM
User since 2/8/11

Bounty hunter- 

Yes, use a small barrel swivel. I use 50# size 8 Spro’s for all line to line connections for my trolling gear. I don’t know but I don’t think a wire direct to wire connection would be good. 

1/24/20 @ 6:51 PM
the bounty hunter
User since 6/2/19

does anyone know if I can connect wire to wire?

4/8/19 @ 7:10 PM
User since 4/12/03

I just use cheap okuma regular downrigger rods model CP-DD-902M. They also make a 10 footer. I take the rod tip off and use a twilli tip in its place. That’s a spring gizmo that protects the wire. If you are not fishing allot I have not had any trouble with the wire eating away at the guides. If I do have issues the rods are only 30 bucks.  With the twilli tip you want to use a decent large size swivel. When not fishing you want to reel the swivel into the twilli tip. Otherwise the wire can get curly cued at the end. It is weaker then. If you see that cut some off and retire the swivel. Using wire I always use something like dreamweavers rubber snubber. Not luhr Jensen they fall apart.  That’s hooked on the back of the dipsy. I do not use wire when I am fishing shallow. Run wire on one side and slide driver or braid diver on the other. The fish will tell you what they want that day. Look up wire dipsy knot on youtube for directions.  I like Malin Multistrand Wire Line 30 pound. Hook the wire direct to the dipsy. Then the snubber on the back with decent say 25 pound flou or mono to your lure. Not more then your rod length behind the dipsy.

4/7/19 @ 7:27 AM
bite me
User since 11/28/06

Anyone hear anything good or bad about the new Okuma Convector Pro wire rods. I run

Okuma coldwater pro rods now just wondering if they are better or worse than what i have now .I need to get a few more wire rods and coldwater are discontinued.

4/2/19 @ 8:11 PM
User since 8/4/03

we run 2.2 to 2.5 down speed with ff. most days the wire will out do the braid. we really don't fish prime time  we hit the water at 5 am. and get off at 5 - 6 pm.

3/28/19 @ 4:31 PM
User since 3/30/15
I'm running depth raider at 1.9-2.1.

3/28/19 @ 11:25 AM
User since 8/29/06

Our wire rods are 8'6". We run them parallel to the water, drags set to creep, and dipsy release just tight enough. The real issue is getting them bit. Period. They just don't get hit as often compared to the braid dipsies. I'm flummoxed. Kinda frustrating when I see tons of Youtube videos where guys get bit a lot on wire. 

What speed do you Fishhawk/Subtroll guys troll at when running flasher flies on wire dipsies?? I've heard 1.9. Maybe we troll too fast? When they don't get bit during prime time, we usually resort to spoons and kick our speed up. Maybe it was just an off year for us. I dunno.


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