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Trolling the "gaps"

9/4/14 @ 8:24 AM
User since 8/29/06
Can anyone explain to me why charter boats fish the river mouths, harbor openings, gaps etc.? Is this a customer driven situation (ie the customer "wants" to fish for zombies, or is it charter captains trying to save gas money? I would think that the average customer who is spending upwards of $100 to catch salmon would want silver fish and only silver fish. I would not want to be on a boat where the charter captain is constantly yelling profanities at other boats/shore fisherman because they are "in my way"! Lots of lake out there. I would rather pay to catch a mixed bag of grill-able fish than to take my chances with the zombies and combat fishing. Might as well cast from shore if you just want to catch a big one and put it in the garden. Puke

9/6/14 @ 1:03 PM
User since 8/29/06
Ditto, as explained in my second post I am a troller. I do not fish from shore. I agree with your last comment completely. Not worth the headaches. I was told that the Racine south pier is in fact a fishing pier, built for fishermen. In any case to me it is simple etiquette, right or wrong. I do not have customers to please, so I fish for fun, relaxation and fillets!! I have had a few charter captains ask our group whether we wanted to fish 4 yo's or silver fish and we always chose silver fish. You can get some silver fish in close right now. I would rather catch only silver fish all of the time. In close you could invariably wind up with only zombies. Luck of the draw. Good luck to everyone!

9/5/14 @ 9:19 PM
User since 12/6/10
People fish the gap because that's where the fish are right now. They spent tens of thousands of dollars on a boat and gear to be able to catch the fish wherever they are. Sorry if you can only fish them when they're close to shore, but that's not my fault.

Remember that the piers are put there for navigation and not for fishing. Fishing is a secondary use of the piers.

Personally I won't fish the gaps anymore because it's not worth the headache to catch fish that don't have any fight left in them.

9/5/14 @ 5:10 PM
Jason Woda
User since 9/1/01
Well, ok, here is the deal. We fish pier heads in the fall cause that is where the fish are. Period. Especially now when even the lake fishing gets tougher. Why do we have to get close to shore fishermen? Cause they are standing on top of the structure we want to fish the edge of. Now I have never had a problem with the shore fishermen, but weekend guys yes. You can't run BIG Planers in the gaps. re:last weekend when someone stretched their stuff 3/4of the way across the gap, then wondered why no one would give him room when he hooked up, after he did a 180 right in the hole. It's a wagon train going counterclockwise. Out on the right and in on the right, just like driving a car. When you do hook up, pull out of the train and fight your fish away from the gaps. Not that difficult, and you have to have someone on the wheel not trying to help land the fish thus spinning in circles of a congested area. We could put 10 charters and 10 smaller boats paying attention in the gaps and not have a problem, but there is always 1. Now that jigging is popular we have to deal with that too. Bottom line is that if you have limited experience fishing on the lake its best not to go there so you don't get yelled at. LOL.

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9/4/14 @ 5:48 PM
eye's r us
eye's r us
User since 3/3/09
Just to second what sloshkosh said. I was at the Kewaunee hatchery today and there were plenty of kings up there that were in great shape, all the way up.

9/4/14 @ 10:55 AM
User since 8/25/11
First of all...anyone can fish anywhere in the lake or the harbor that they choose. Secondly, there's lots of good reasons to fish the harbor - some of which you hit on.

Bottom line, where there are fish...there will be fishermen - boats or piers. This can be a great time of year to catch large fish near the harbor - it can also be enjoyable, safe, and a quick way to fish.

This comes up every year in early September...the do's and don'ts of harbor fishing. Speaking from many years of experience, the charter boats are the most well behaved of the bunch. I'll also add in, how safe is it really for a pier fishermen to be throwing a 3/4 spoon across a waterway in the dark/fog? To me, that is super dangerous.

Some of my favorite fishing happens this time of year, you can try and pop some monsters early in the morning while the harbor bite lasts, then you can blast out into the lake for a chance at food/numbers.

I know for example, my dad LOVES to fish these harbor fish. Why? I have no idea. But, for the chance to fish with my Dad, I'll jump on it.

Captains want to catch fish (whether they are in a 30 foot boat or a 14 foot dingy; and whether they are getting paid for it or not). Simply put, if you don't like the way someone is fishing......move. Sorry if I'm being a jerk.

9/4/14 @ 9:39 AM
User since 8/29/06
To clarify, I am referring to those that do fish literally on top of the shore fishermen in very shallow water doing tight circles with riggers/dipsies. Again, so close they might as well fish from the pier. I have occasionally trolled in my boat this time of year in as close as 40 fow, targeting in-coming coho that are still silver. I am not anywhere near the shore anglers when doing this though. I am not lumping all charters together, simply trying to understand the logic behind trolling so close to the shore so as to impede others literally. I would be embarrassed to be on one of those boats. Only one time did I venture close to a small harbor/river opening trolling just 4 lines tight and was met by absolute hostility from those casting from shore. At first I got mad, then after calming down and logically looking at it I realized that I have the whole lake and they are extremely limited. I decided that I would never put myself in that situation again. I practice the same strategy out on the open lake preferring to avoid others at all costs to enjoy the day and not piss anyone off unnecessarily. I am referring to etiquette, more than anything. I did not mean to insult anyone or insinuate anything in regards to the greater charter community. My hats off to them, having been with several different ones and always having a great experience. As far as searching for trophy fish, or a fish of a lifetime i guess I get that. Not my cup of tea, but then each to his own. Big Smile

9/4/14 @ 9:16 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
We are catching a mixed bag of Coho, Rainbow, and even a few Lakers in 40' outside the pier heads. PLENTY of silver King Salmon too!

EDIT: Not all charter boat captains yell at other anglers either, seems like you've just lumped everybody into one category here.

9/4/14 @ 9:11 AM
User since 3/30/04
Alot of people just want to catch fish period. Without a charter a 20 pounder is a dream. Those charters have ever right to fish there as well. Not every fish in shallow...and especially this early is falling apart and half dead.

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