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trolling reels

4/25/15 @ 10:33 AM
User since 5/18/11
what type of trolling reel is good to use on michigan

2/16/17 @ 2:31 PM
Red Rider
User since 6/26/01

Just some notes for anybody green at filling new core reels. 

On a 45/47 series size reel 10 colors will fit. start with 150 to 300 yds of power pro/ripcord. then add mono leaving 1 mm of spool depth for each color. ( i used woodstock for that measurement).

On a 30 series size same process but leave 1.5 mm per color. A 7 color packs real nice on a convector cv30.

save you doing the reverse fill process.

2/15/17 @ 6:15 PM
User since 1/17/07
I have come to really appreciate the 6:1 gear ratio for retrieving leadcore. Tuna's reel troubles sells the Okuma Convector with custom 6:1 gears. I have been running them for 7 years now and love them.

2/10/17 @ 8:19 PM
User since 8/29/06

I am picking up (5) 47LC Great Lakes trolling reels tomorrow and wondered if anyone has these with any opinions positive or negative. They are very gently used, in fact almost pristine. The Sealine reels are always very dependable, and these include the 5.1-1 gear ratio. I will be using them for leadcore. Thanks guys/gals.

4/26/15 @ 7:35 PM
User since 1/28/13
As previously posted the Daiwa SG47LCA can handle most trolling applications from downrigger to diver to wire.

However it cannot hold a full core, so you need to look elsewhere for a reel for that setup.

I went with the SG47LCAs (I have 14) because I feel they are above average reel for a decent price.

Consider upgrading the SG47LCA's stock handle to an aftermarket power handle to increase torque.

4/26/15 @ 9:26 AM
User since 9/27/01
I grew up using, and continue to catch fish with Penn 209's and 309's. It's hard to beat their reliability and price.

4/25/15 @ 2:34 PM
User since 6/9/06
There are quite a few reel manufactures that make a quality level wind reel for trolling use. The best reel generally has more ball bearings, a smooth drag, line capacity and a higher retrieve ratio.

I started off with Daiwa Sealine 47H reels. When line counters came on the market I bought the Daiwa Sealine 47LC reels. I later bought the Daiwa Sealine SG47LC reels because they had improved the drag system washers. I have caught thousands of fish on the Daiwa Sealine reels and only had one reel failure fighting a fish. I would say that a good reliable level wind reel for trolling would be the new Daiwa SG-3B series. Use the SG47LC3B for downrigger rods and driver rods, line capacity is 280 yards of 20# 0.018” Dia. line and the retrieve ratio is 4.2:1. While the SG57LC3B is their latest entry for stealth trolling with leadcore and copper lines and trolling boards. The SG57LC3B line capacity is 480 yards of 20# 0.018” Dia. line and the retrieve ratio is 6.1:1.

Leadcore and Copper line trolling requires long distances of line to deploy the entire length of line chosen to fish a desired depth and distance from the boat. Deploying 300’ to 600’ of line is very common. A reel with a retrieve ratio above 6:1 makes retrieving the leadcore or copper and usually an inline planer board an easier task but you’ll still get a workout.

Okuma and Shimano make a number of level wind trolling reels and there are a lot of guys using them. But remember to compare the number of ball bearings, the drag system and the retrieve ratio when selecting a level wind trolling reel. Last it usually comes down to cost per reel so you’ll have do some surfing for the best price.

I posted three spec sheets I made for comparison purposes, the line capacities are in mm.

Good Luck


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