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Time of year for "Meat Rigs''???

2/10/15 @ 10:22 AM
User since 7/23/10
Late last summer (August) I got my first lesson in fishing with "meat rigs". As a newbie to this style of fishing, I was wondering if this method is applicable at all times or limited to specific periods of the fishing year? I also have a question pertaining to running meat behind flashers? Should you always use a 10" or larger flasher or can you also use 8" flashers with positive results??? Thanks to those with experience willing to share!

8/6/20 @ 8:11 PM
User since 11/2/04

Thanks everyone that sent me a private message!  I went outside today to do my weekly inventory of getting everything set up and noticed that on my musselhead meat rig there is just beads and a swivel and not a snap swivel and then looked at my spin doctor flasher and there was only a swivel also so I have to make a leader to connect the two with snap swivels.  How long of a leader is the norm from the flasher to connect to the meat rig?  Thanks again  On a side note I decided to up my game and bought a new Fish Hawk x2 for the boat!

8/1/20 @ 9:37 PM
User since 11/2/04

Just a question about meat rigs....I picked up a couple and want to run them on my downriggers.  I had already put in the time before to run a 3 color "SWR" spoon rig on one of my riggers.  My question is can I run a meat rig off of leadcore?  I would be using a 10" flasher also.  Thanks for the opinions

7/29/15 @ 12:39 PM
User since 4/6/07
I've ran Brad's with garlic tuna for years. A few years ago my two rods with Brad's would often times outfished the other 6-8 rods, but I've seen a big drop in my catch rate with them. Last week was the first time I have not run one with any tuna. Put a herring strip in one and picked up one laker. I'm going to try meat rigs and Brad's this weekend and see which works best.

7/22/15 @ 4:10 PM
User since 8/5/01
I have used Brads in the past and didn't like the results. I have been running meat rigs (big weenie) this summer with excellent results. I have used the strips and bought a package of blue label and made my own strips. There is excellent info on you tube on how to fillet the herring and how to make a brine that you keep the fish in that will last for up to three months. Its kept in a canning jar with NO mess. I run them off my chute rigger and on wire dipseys with great results. They flat out catch big fish. Check out the link below for the brine instructions. I run meat rigs from June until the end of the season.

Captain Bill Semper Fi Charters

7/21/15 @ 11:00 PM
CPR Only
User since 12/26/14
I used Brad's cut plugs filled with roasted garlic marinated Starkist tuna last week during SAR and they put some money in my pocket. The most productive was alone. No flasher. No teaser. Loaded one side of the boat with them. 3, 5, and 7 color, dipsey and downrigger. They all produced. I also tried filling them with herring. The results with tuna were much better.

7/21/15 @ 10:32 PM
User since 10/17/04
Brads cut plugs. Tuna and garlic inside. Sooo much easier! I always just ran them by themselves behind dipsys and never had problems. Search it and theres plenty about them.

7/21/15 @ 9:07 PM
User since 4/6/07
I ran a meat rig for the first time last week without success. I used a flasher and a teaser initially and then just with a flasher later on. I saw some suggestions below from this past winter, but just wondering what has been working lately.

2/14/15 @ 7:37 PM
User since 7/6/06
I believe you can get bait from Anglers Avenue in Sheboygan. You can also get it from many places online. If you brine it right and freeze it in smaller packages it will last an entire season.

2/14/15 @ 1:31 PM
User since 2/28/09
I want to try meat rigs this year also but don’t know where to get the meat !

2/12/15 @ 5:26 PM
User since 2/12/15
I've run meat from April to Dec. and caught fish. You can catch fish with just the meat rig and NO flasher off of boards so there is no set method. I like the 12" flashers on deep riggers, 10" flashers on dipseys and no flashers off boards.

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