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8/3/14 @ 1:21 PM
User since 4/15/04
Interested in your opinions about what swivel sizes are appropriate for what luer? What rod/reel/line?

Reason i ask is that a very experienced fisherman looked at my lead/spoon swivels and commented that they were 1 or 2 sizes too big and that might be one explanation for less hits on lead/spoons. He recommended that i downsize to the 25/30# swivels for my lead core presentation with spoons. Changed all of the lead swivels out (8 different colors) before the brew city. First fish on the lead (4 color) - nice rainbow - lots of acrobatics - i thought he finally spit the spoon - odd that he kept jumping after he spit the spoon. Turns out he did not. Reason he kept jumping is that he still had the darn spoon in his mouth - but it didn't have my line attached to it anymore. The 25/30# swivel was twisted contorted in shapes that didn't resemble the original design.

I know - could have been a complete coincidence. But maybe it wasn't at all. Maybe this was simply a matter of fate either way.

What size do you folks use for your lead/spoons? Clearly i use bigger ones for my wire dipseys and use medium ones for the rigger rods b/c am using different presentations. How often do you lose a fish in this manner? Do you ask yourself if your swivel was too small? Or just chalk it up to "those thing happen". Might have happened with the next size up (50#) - doubt it though. Maybe i wouldn't have had the hit in the first place with the larger size.

Thanks for the dialogue. "It's the little things - the details" as George O'Malley tells the FBI/CIA interviewer.

8/7/14 @ 1:09 AM
User since 4/15/04
Hey folks - thanks for all of the great comments. I just ordered some of this stuff online. i like your suggestions. i also tried to order some of the torpedo swivels to try them out but they wanted $17 for shipping to send me less than $17 worth of merchandise - so that is not going to happen. Again - really appreciate your suggestions. For the record - the swivel that was on was a 25/30# Sampo being use for the first time - so it was not a tired swivel. Maybe Rainbow's are just going to do that sometime. thanks again - rick

8/4/14 @ 10:20 PM
User since 12/6/10
For spoons I have always used the smallest sized Berkley ball bearing swivels and for Dipseys, flashers, etc. I used the monster sized ball bearing swivels.

The only ones I've ever had one break were ones that I knew I should have replaced. If you're taking lures on and off faigue starts to wear the wire. If they look at all stressed take them off and throw them away, don't put them back in your box!

Swivels and snaps are a very important piece of the game and are often over looked and people just buy the chaepest ones - bad move! One time I added up the snaps and swivels I have in my two 5'X9" Plano boxes and it was almost $1500!

8/4/14 @ 9:09 PM
MEMBER since 2/16/04
I think Slayer's got a good idea. My friend PK used his Sampo for years until it broke losing a nice fish. Closer inspection of my older clips showed signs of metal fatigue. I cut them off with a nipper and slipped on new duo-locks on some. A quality ball bearing swivel is too nice a tool to waste. The only time I intentionally use larger Sampos is on stainless wire line or when higher speeds for rainbows is the ticket that day. The pic shows what happened to the Sampo, including a split ring that almost failed completely from another nice fish. Rainbows love to test out our gear!

8/4/14 @ 8:06 PM
Red Rider
User since 6/26/01
I have had zero problems with the torpedo brand swivels,really like them. Bought them at Jalensky's in Kenosha

8/3/14 @ 6:38 PM
User since 6/9/06
I find that the “Duo-Lock” snap made from stainless steel wire will hold up for one season rather well. I buy ball bearing swivels with welded rings and make my own “Duo-Lock” ball bearing snap swivels with welded rings. First you need to cut off one of the welded rings on the ball bearing swivel. Next open up the “Duo-Lock” and thread it on to the end of the ball bearing swivel that you removed the ring. Close the “Duo-Lock” and you’re ready to tie the ball bearing snap swivel to your line. I use a #3 Duo-Lock snap and a #3 Ball Bearing Swivel for 90% of my tackle setups.

The Duo-Lock Snaps that use a Crane swivel are okay but too light for my purposes.

See the attached photo for a visual.

Good Luck


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