So we got a 18ft Lund impact with the sport track and getting it rigged up to do some trolling. ive been doing some research and have found people have said with the gunnel being narrower to go with Cisco/traxtech/berts for rod holders/riggers. But some people have said it’s still not enough. My goal is to not drill holes in it anywhere, whether that’s realistic or not I don’t know. My questions are is the single Cisco sport track mount strong enough to run dipsies or riggers on without flexing bad.  Or I was thinking of traxtech with t-bolts and a 30”-40” track for a rigger and two rod holders for each side. I wouldn’t be opposed to a trolling bar like the traxtech one they sell but rather not if I don’t have to. As expensive as this stuff is I’d rather not buy this stuff and it flex or not work properly. So just wondering if anyone had suggestions, pics, or first hand experience with they’re setups and how they mounted everything. Thanks