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Rigging a Slide Diver properly

1/9/15 @ 3:45 PM
User since 7/23/10
I received several Slide Divers for Christmas. The Slide Divers I received were NOT the lite bite version. I have never used Slide Divers so I am ignorant as to proper rigging. In the accompanying packaging, I received 4 small lengths (1/4") of surgical tubing, a piece of pliable plastic tubing about 2" in length and a spring the same length (2"). I am playing around with these assemblies and have no issue with the pinchpoint area requiring a piece of the surgical tubing, but I am wondering as to the need for the spring? The small 2" piece of pliable plastic tubing bewilders me as to its use? It is my intent to have the normal working line to be 50lb. Power Pro, then add a 30' piece of 30lb. Big Game going through the Slide Diver with the snap swivel on the end of the Big Game going to a 6' length of fluorocarbon leader. The Slide Diver would always to locked down on the 30lb. Big Game. An additional question I have pertains to using a "snubber" with this assembly? Do most folks use a snubber at the junction of the leader to the Big Game. Thanks to any and all for their help???

8/28/15 @ 3:37 PM
Mike Nitro
Mike Nitro
User since 4/3/14
Slide divers have out-produced dipseys for me again this year. Long leads = more fish.

1/13/15 @ 5:48 AM
User since 1/24/11
Not to knock any ones way of doing things but in the case of a slide diver less is more. I started fishing with these things when they were still prototypes and all I ever used was 25# clear Andy and 20# lead 6' to 8'. I also knew Randy very well, and at first that's all he ever used as well. I only had to respool twice a year and I used to run 200+ trips a year. As far as the spring/clear tubing goes never used it ut creates drag in the water and I never use a snuber. If your using power pro to get deeper then use a magdiver. Hope this helps . And again im not saying anybody is wrong it just my own experience that im going by.

1/11/15 @ 9:40 AM
User since 6/9/06
I posted a couple of pictures that should answer your questions on how to use the spring or surgical tubing, you use one or the other. I’d use the surgical tubing because there’s less chance to knick the mainline. I ran the 50# PP with about 75’ of 45# Big Game then the bead, crane swivel and 6’ of 25# Fluorocarbon. You can use a clear vinyl snubber ahead of the fluorocarbon, most do not. Having the Big Game should provide enough stretch on a strike.

Good Luck


1/9/15 @ 4:59 PM
Daddy's Dream
User since 7/28/03
I'm not sure of your need to put the Big Game line on their. I run my 50lb. power pro thru the slide diver and tie it to a snubber. By putting the Big Game on there, that knot needs to be able to slide thru that small hole or you limit the distance between the slide diver and the bait by the length of the leader. I most times run a 40' or more lead. From the snubber goes a 10' leader. I have no problem with the diver sliding on the Power Pro in the water. Hope this helps.

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