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Need Help 1st Salmon Trip Milwaukee

8/31/17 @ 5:37 PM
User since 7/21/17

Hey guys. I'm a transplant from GLangler. That site is kinda slow and alot of the guys tend to be tight-lipped. Ive been on many salmon charters and I fish spring cohos on Superior.  But I'm making my 1st trip to Michigan to target shallow salmon and browns w my 16ft walleye boat. I think I have all the gear. I have boards, snap weights, a slide diver and a dipsey and lots a deep diving cranks. The only dates I have available is sat Sept 9th to Monday Sept 11th.  I've watched all of Eric Haajata's videos about fishing around Milwaukee harbor so Im looking to give that a try. I'm sure it will be packed on the weekend. I just have a couple question. I hear the harbor max's out at 30 ft deep.  So should I cover the whole water column w my spread or focus on the bottom 10 feet for harbor kings and browns? Also. If the Kings are not going and there's warm water in the area- then can I still troll boards in 10-40 outside the harbor for browns? Or am I wasting my time driving 5 hrs if there's warm water in the area? I don't have a down rigger yet-that's next yrs purchase.  Any advice would be great thanks. Private message is good too.

10/9/17 @ 10:25 PM
User since 2/3/08

If your marking dates, run the Milwaukee harbor in the early spring for browns.  Same fishing gear for Walleye and nice to have fresh fish early in the season to grill up.  Planner boards near rocks and once you figure out the pattern it is a blast. 

GLANGER is a good site, but I find the info as you note tight lipped or everyone agrees with one guy.  Right now they have a issue as the site comes up as potential harm to PC.  Before that was redirected to a file sharing web site which was a issue on multiple devices so I know it was something on the DNS routing of the site.   Prob one web server is affected which is why it didn't always happen.

Hope you had some success.  I'm about to call it a season with crops about to be harvesting but hoping for one more time out with the boat this season between soybeans and field corn.  Last season I was fishing first week of Nov yet.

Coho bite in May/June is great as well.  I'm new to the game as well and have a Crestliner Sportfish I use for Walleye and Salmon fishing.  I did mount manual downriggers and I will say over 1/2 my fish have been on downriggers so far.  Early season doesn't matter for coho/browns.  Kings I think it helps to have some action deep and helps strike up the band with your other lines as well.  Best of luck.  I fish Milwaukee Harbor up to Algoma as I live near Winnebago so 1-2 hr runs 

8/31/17 @ 10:48 PM
Jason Woda
User since 9/1/01

Fishing is never a waste of time, but warm water will make it tough for sure. The weekend will be a zoo. If you are planning on trolling get the rotation(counterclockwise) right. If the water is cold then the whole water column can be good. It will be a learning process for sure and lack of riggers will cost you opportunity. Good luck!

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