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Lund ProV set ups

6/8/21 @ 12:35 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07

Anyone using a Lund ProV for trolling on the big pond?  If you are and are able to, can you please share some pics of how you have yours set up and any tips for mounting tracks?


6/10/21 @ 11:57 AM
USER SINCE 1/11/02

Not exactly a prov but similar set up. When I remodeled I put 1/4 alum under the 3/4 marine ply and the top of gunwale is 1/16” alum. Super strong. Trees don’t move at all. You will have no issues if you sandwich and thru bolt.

6/9/21 @ 8:38 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04

ProV's are awesome fishing platforms.  I'm on my 4th.  Got a 2007 2025 now and had 2 1900's and a newer 1975.  All have been great boats.  The only downfall is they are a wet ride.  Had Traxstech tracks on all of them.   I like to keep things as far forward as possible for trolling.  With that said I like to mount a pair of 12" tracks just behind the forward controls for my trees.  Then I've got a pair of 18" tracks about 8-10" behind them for a single rod holder for my wire dipseys and then finally at the rear of that track I mount my electric Cannons.  Which still gives me aleast 3.5' of open side on each side and the entire back is open to net fish.  I see too many peps mounting riggers and holders in the back of the boat which plugs up your netting area.  Its hard enough netting a green king, why make it harder?    I also have 7 Lund sport brackets mounted up with Ram side mounts for rod holders and 1 for my FishHawk I can slide around anywhere.  They work nice too if Im running a bottom bouncer program.   

6/9/21 @ 8:10 AM
USER SINCE 3/20/02

That will be sharp lakeshiner. Please post pics once you get it done.

6/9/21 @ 8:05 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

I just got a Lund Crossover and am setting it up with Traxstech tracks.  The Crossover didn't have wood in the gunnel so I'm adding 3/4" marine plywood first (with marine silicone) and then using the backing plates that Traxstech sells.  Basically how the ProV is, I just have to put in the wood first.  

I'm going to run a 3 rod tree, one of their ratcheting rod holders, and a downrigger mount on each side.  Plan is then to run my high lines or leadcore on boards off the tree and a dipsy on the ratcheting holder so that I can get the tip near the water and ratchet it up to remove the rod.

I also got the track insert so that when I'm not fishing, it has a clean finished look.  Should work as a step board into the boat and avoid scratching the gunnel.

This is my plan anyways.  Of course its all back ordered, they told me 4-6 weeks when I called and put in an order.  I'll be doing it in July most likely.  I did want black holders and tracks, you might find regular silver online.

6/8/21 @ 8:35 PM
Andy Mack Sport Fishing
Andrew Mack
USER SINCE 1/22/12

I use all Cisco mounts and holders. Work very well in the sport track. Here’s a couple pictures. They’re not the best but hopefully they give you an idea. 

6/8/21 @ 2:45 PM
USER SINCE 3/20/02

Call the track manufacturer of your choice. They've already figured out how to put them on pretty much every boat model. The Traxtech guys helped me out on my Lund Fisherman.

6/8/21 @ 1:42 PM
USER SINCE 12/16/13

I don’t have a pro-v but I will just say put as much track on the straight part of the gunnel behind the cabin as possible. I backed mine all with 1/4” or 3/16” can’t quite remember aluminum plate underneath the gunnel. 

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