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Looking for Rod selection help.

10/16/17 @ 7:32 AM
User since 2/3/08

Over the hard water season I plan on picking up some new rods.  I use Scotty Mounts on a walleye style boat for Salmon fishing LK MI for Browns - Kings.  Normally run 2 DR out the corners and 6-10 rods today.  Just starting out but mix bag for leadcore and dipsy rods has me wanting to standardize the selection some.

Looking for 6-8 leadcore rods 5,7,10  3 color prob run a downrigger rod for SWR or down the chute.

4 dipsy rods for Mag dipsy thru slide diver high lines depending on depth needing.

I have 4 10' downrigger rods but might want a couple 8'6 for stacker or shorter rods for going solo

Normally fish with others but might make a solo run on a odd run.

Couple question.  Okuma Leadcore GLT Rod has stainless rings...  Seems like braid and lead-core that would do better with ceramic rings.  Anyone know why they run stainless rings?  Worried some about wear as I lost a few dispy's this season till I found the problem on a eyelet.  

And pro/con on these units?  Okuma Classic Pro 7' Medium Lead Core rods.  Anyone run these...  Cheap enough to put a rod on all my lead core reels.  

Dipsy diver rods was looking at the 9' and 10' Okuma GLT rods...  Wish they had a 8'6" version... is 1 ft enough tip separation and how far apart if so should the rod holders be?  Other suggestions?  Right now just Braid Dipsy set-ups.

Heartland always had good reviews but doesn't look to be made anymore.  

Thanks for any suggestions.  Problem I have is not having selection local to see how they feel and will need to order them in most w/o seeing first.

3/1/18 @ 8:14 AM
User since 2/3/08

Ended up picking up 10 Okuma GLT rods:

2 - 9' Dipsy

2 10' Dipsy

6 "Lake Trolling" rod for Lead Core set up.  

Feel good in the hand and bend seems good but no time on the water yet.  Won't be long....

Still trying to decide on wire dipsy rod...  

2/15/18 @ 1:59 PM
User since 4/12/03

Fishinnut dipsy tend to bend the rods back. Makes a 7 foot rod even shorter. Can be an issue keeping clear of your downrigger booms. Also out to the side more helps netting fish. As far as salmon tangling in that line.  I am surprised your using four downriggers. With the clear water most people are fishing with less downriggers. More stealth setups. More leadcore, copper or the torpedo weighted steel. I pretty much will not use copper anymore. The weighted steel line is much easier to work with. If you are running multiple planer boards on each side the vertical rod trees are great. I have traxtech ones. Really keeps the mess of rods more out of the way. That is away from your dipsy and downriggers. If it is rough it keeps the line angled higher out to your planer boards. I put mine right behind the drivers and passenger seats.

2/15/18 @ 1:31 PM
User since 4/12/03

I really like my shimono  taloras for lead core. The ones that have the larger stainless steel eyelets. The knots go though easy. The leadcore is fished with all of it out.  I do not think the eye material makes that much of a difference. It more that you want the large eyes. The taloras are expensive. The okumas wold be fine for less money. I stared using okuma glt dipsy diver rods. I really like those. Either in 9 or 10 foot long. Kind of depends on how far to the sides your downriggers are. The 9 foot is easier to handle and net fish solo. I use a slide diver on the nine foot rod for ease of netting. Plus running more stealth during the day. I started using ugly sticks tiger rods for downrigging. They are 8 foot long and yellow colored. I really like them for downriggers. 

I would not want any longer then 8 foot rods for downriggers. The longer rods just get in the way in the back corners of the boat. I have not had any issues running wire dipsys with the okuma glt dipsy rods. I use twilli tips. If the stainless eyes do start going I can buy multiple rods compared to the cost of a rollor rod. I  

Have a multipurpose boat. If you only fish Salmon maybe rollor rod would be nice.

2/15/18 @ 7:55 AM
User since 12/16/13

A great deal is at they have a 4 pack of Okuma rod and line counter reels for 200-210 depending on length. I ordered this last year and all rods and reels seem to be fine.

2/15/18 @ 7:38 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Seven foot would be to short for me, I use 8'-6" inside divers which get out and around the rigger booms. Shorter rods stow nice in smaller boats but to short will cause problems.

Inline boards are not run off a mast, you either run smaller inline boards or a mast system with the big boards. To me the mast system is not efficient unless your only running weights. If your running copper or leadcore, your better served with inlines.

2/15/18 @ 7:08 AM
User since 12/26/01

I too am new to GL fishing ... Recently wanted a couple dedicated slide diver / dipsy rods.. Guy at tackle shop highly recomended Ugly Stik GX2 M/H rods -- they are 7' ... Good choice or not?? Always hear guys using long rods for diver steups , confused me ..

I also run 4 DR and moving to inline boards this year from mast ..

12/15/17 @ 12:26 AM
fishing addict
fishing addict
User since 6/17/04

we have been useing Cabelas depth master teloscopic handle rods for years never had any trouble with them. In 10 years of use the only 2 rods that have broken were one that I slipped netting a fish and fell on it the second the line wraped around the tip on a downrigger rod and the ball was let down and snaped the end of the rod and that was a 2 peice rod. They come in 7'6',8', 8'6'', and 9' in planer board, diver, and trolling models and cost around $30. I would not run stainless wire on them but they handle power pro without any damage to the eyes.

10/20/17 @ 8:09 AM
User since 2/3/08

I also like the way the leadcore GLT rods feel... Any advantage to all stainless eyelets?  I would love 7'6" lead core rods to allow me to store and deploy quickly w/o having to break apart.  

Anyone use/feel the Precision Trolling GLT rods?  These are tele's in different sizes and I really like Tele's for Walleye rods.  2 pc are prob stronger I'm sure.  

Thanks for the comments so far.  Wish I had access to see them all and use a few before dropping cash so trying to research as much as possible before spending.

Thanks again!

10/16/17 @ 7:15 PM
Red Rider
User since 6/26/01

I really like my Okuma glt. Those guides are perfect for core and copper and affordable.

10/16/17 @ 9:16 AM
User since 8/29/06

After buying only Shimano Talora rods for years, I decided to try some of the Okuma rods. I picked up 2 8'6" white diamond wire dipsy rods (love em so far). I also picked up a copper rod with stainless guides and really love that one. I plan on adding 4-5 more copper rods from that lineup at $40 apiece. They are from the GLT line. So far I am impressed with them and would highly recommend them. For rigger rods, I would go with 7' Ugly Stiks (medium action DR rod). The Ti oxide rings are fine for LC.

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