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Lead core and "colors"

7/18/14 @ 8:01 AM
User since 5/20/10
I've got two setups with full (10) colors each. Can I get the same results of, say 5 colors using my setup or should I have separate reels for each setting (1 rig with only 4 colors, another with just 6 colors, etc.)? Also, can I pull full/10 colors behind a yellow bird planer or is the yellow bird to light for the weight? Thanks in advance.

7/27/16 @ 12:02 PM
User since 3/20/02

Put a 30-50' leader on the lead core with a Willis knot. use mono or fluoro - your choice. Replace when down to less than 10'.

7/27/16 @ 11:43 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Farted, thats a lot of work to tie mono between each color, but I suppos if you want to clip it to boards, thats what you gotta do.  I fish lead, but not necessarly the great lakes.

7/27/16 @ 10:19 AM
User since 8/24/07

When using lead core, do you tie the spoon/lure directly to the lead core? Or is it best to use a leader?

8/12/14 @ 8:25 PM
User since 12/31/12
My two would be my 5 & 8... Not sure why or how I got an 8 in the mix but it flat out works. Pretty much one spoon stays on it all yr around.

8/12/14 @ 7:52 PM
User since 1/11/02
IMO there really isn't a "best" option for all round fishing. I have a 2,5, and 2- 10's. The fish tell you what to run. If I could only pick 2, I'd go with a 2 and a 5-7. Add weight as needed.

8/8/14 @ 1:32 PM
User since 7/28/10
So if u guys were to run just 2 rods with lead core. One off each side of the boat, what number color would u recommend? 3 color, 7 color? What is the most popular? Thanks!

7/20/14 @ 10:04 PM
User since 4/7/03
if you have 2 setups I would go with a 5 and a 7 color , you can add weight to your line to get down deeper[dive bombs> or very how deep you will get. 10 colors run about 50 fow and as things go most fish have been in the 15-40 fow this year. Your best bet would be to have extra reels setup maybe 2 more so you had a 3 a 5 a 7 and a 10 . Watch for garage sales or maybe a buddy selling some rods. Having the extra weight in front of the board could cause the board to dive in rough water, and knots are a weak link and having too many would be hazardous.

7/20/14 @ 8:14 PM
Who Farted?
User since 5/11/09
This is my first year of this, but I have 4 reels with 10 colors on each, I spliced a piece of mono between each color. If I am getting hits on certain number of colors I can easily let out or reel up to the same colors, clip board on the section of mono and let go, when you get it out from the boat, when I stop it I make sure it's during a section of mono that is in the rod eyes. I didnt have the cash to have all different reels with every color, so that's how I'm rolling. I know it's totally ghetto, but it's been working great this year.(So far)

7/18/14 @ 4:40 PM
User since 8/25/11
So, here's the deal. You should have a separate set up for everything. But, thats always a challenge.

I've said this before, the biggest issue pinching off a 10 color is the added weight/droop creating in the line running from the board, back to your rod tip. That weight sits in free "air" and bounces too much.

The least ghetto of the ghetto approaches I've ever heard....putting 10 total colors on a reel, with 150' of mono spliced into the middle of the core (for example: 5 colors, 150' mono, another 5 colors). Like I said, pretty junky.

So, yeah.

7/18/14 @ 2:25 PM
User since 9/27/01
If you can, rig up a couple separate rigs. You don't want to clip lead core into the planer board releases because it will wear the Dacron sheath. Put plenty of mono backing behind each length of lead core to clip onto. I posted a link to a site that calculates how much backing you can fit with your lead core. You just need to know the line diameters. I think it's on the general fishing forum or search the boards for "calculator". Sorry, I can't post the link now cuz I'm posting from up north on my phone.

I recall trying to pull a full core with a yellow bird a number of years ago and it didn't work very well. I'd second the Offshore recommendation or Church Tackle TX-22.

You can pick up penn 309s on eBay pretty cheap for your core rods. They have a great gear ratio for lead core and you don't need a line counter since you know each color is 10 yards.

Good luck.

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