I got my I pad downloaded with navonics hot maps this week and used it on Friday . Here is what I did to get the whole thing ready to go . Griffen case . $60 Non glare / non smudge screen protector $39 Nav app $49 Hotmaps $29 Ram base $29 Home made holder I'm not completely sold on it yet , I can't say that I was a total waste of money. I have a humminbird 997 with gps but it's really nice to have two large screens but the nav app isn't the greatest. Doesn't really zoom in as far as I would like . And it doesn't cover a lot of Lake Michigan . You don't have to have it hooked up to data plan or wifi ( only to download maps ) to track your route or your position but it could be a bit better . In conclusion if your looking for a large screen and a decent map go for it . But just don't expect the same quality and zoom that your sonar /gps combo has .