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Hook Size and make/model for LK MI salmon Coho and King Flies

3/1/18 @ 10:27 AM
User since 2/3/08

What is your goto hooks for Peanut 2" size fly and reg 4" size fly hooks.

I picked up Gamakatsu Octopus hooks (02314) for a single leading hook (with a VMC 9626 4x #1 trailer hook for last season.  Pulled in a few fish on my two times  Not sure if the octopus hooks are strong enough or not... Only hooked them with the VMC last season.

This off season I picked up some Owner ST41's size 4 and 2 for peanut flies and heard about VMC Spark point but haven't seen these yet.  In reviewing the ST41's #2 they are larger OD then the #1 VMC but hook points point inward which look like a mean catching machine and are more then double the price.  

Also just started making up some peanut flies with skirt that will slide on the line and later will make some where I tie direct to the shank the hook.  What do other recommend size and make/model hooks for 2 and 4" flies?


2/5/20 @ 4:12 PM
Jm Pound Town Tackle LLC
User since 2/5/20

Owner ST-41 is one of the standard salmon hooks used by manufactures.. Same with the VMC Spark Point.  

St-41 Size 2 is very common on King Flies. And Size #2 and size 4 for Peanut flies. Size 2 Peanuts are usually run at 15in lead and size 4 18in..  

All our flies and rigs are with Owner ST-41 Trebles.. Theirs no sharper hook out their..

1/31/20 @ 8:44 PM
User since 4/10/15

Does anyone replace their treble hooks on spoons, ie. Moonshine, Stingers, Pro Troll?

4/10/18 @ 9:11 AM
User since 2/3/08

Great information...  Thanks for all the comments.  Here is my update so far as I've been experimenting with some different styles.

If you want the material right on the hook, the bread bag wire only (remove paper) trick works great or use a loop knot on fishing string to draw the skirt material right thru the eye.  I found the line easier because I tend to drop things and was easier to find the fishing line and I have a tether on the vice so it can't drop too far.  ;-)  

I purchased some 3/16" clear (soft) tubing from Fleet Farm (under 20 cents / ft) and cut 1/8 or so to press it over the eye to hold the skirt.  On the material I tie yarn on the amount of material I want for the flies and make up several of each color at a time that way.  I tried using thread but you end up with thread too far down the shank so the skirt opens up after the hooks which I didn't like and takes much longer then this method so this is quicker and easier both which I like as I plan on passing this down to my kids to do.

The same 3/16 tubing works great for banded material taping to it and then thread/head cement or you can thread/tape reg material as well.  This tubing size allows me to make a bunch of leaders with loop knot all done to length and then slide down the fly color once a hot bite is found that way I don't have to deal with so many combinations.  I do this for walleye crawler harness as well.  I reverse skirt direction and use jumbo milk shake straws to bend the skirt to flare out but then angle back to the hooks.  Think it will pulsate better in the water that way.  Few good videos on this from purple taco fly company sponsor fisherman.  He uses bullet heads but you can use tubing as well.  I will note with Tubing you don't cut off the extra tape which saves a step too.  

Hooks I'm using size 4 and going to try a few as I already had some purchased and will pick up a few and see what happens.  Trying to stay in the 2x strength but still open for input on all things hooks included.  I would prefer to find one I like, easy to sharpen and is under a buck / hook.  

Thanks again for all the comments.  

3/16/18 @ 12:09 PM
User since 6/9/06

I attached a few photos. 

First off ALL of my flies are tied to tubes that slide up the leader. Buy some tubing at Reinke Brothers in Milwaukee. Get a stiff wire and clamp the wire in your fly vise. Put a kink in the wire large enough to secure the tubing. Cut a piece of tubing about 1/2 inch long, use a dog nail chippers to cut the tubing. Wrap thread around the tubing to make a solid thread bed, usually 10 to 15 wraps. Cut your fly material to length and wrap thread 10 times to secure. I usually add material twice and try to keep the fly evenly covered. Wrap a solid covering of thread over the fly and then finish with a even coating of fly head cement.

I almost NEVER have the fly material wear off because the flies slide out of the fish's mouth.

Good Luck


3/15/18 @ 12:18 PM
User since 12/13/01

here is how I do it for coho flies.  #2 hook.  I lay the fly material down and run a thin wire (like a bread bag wire without the paper on it)bent in half around it.  then i pull it thru the hook eye until the fly material is thru it.  off set the fly mateial so it splits in half on the hook.  Then take a poly tube and slide it over the hook eye; pushing the fly material toward the hook shaft.


3/15/18 @ 11:30 AM
User since 2/3/08

I'm been thinking of single hook on Coho files as well to at least try some that way.  Could you message me a few examples of what you made?  I just picked up a fly vise and thread and tied a few coho peanut files with treble last night.  

3/12/18 @ 1:05 PM
User since 6/9/06

For treble hooks I use Daiihi  Bleeding hooks XXXX Strong Wide Gap, model D97BC, in #4 size for peanut flies and #2 size for 3" to 3-1/2" flies. These treble hooks are heat treated and slightly thinner wire diameter but very strong!  Daiichi advertises as the sharpest hooks made. Be care full handling. I buy 100 at a time and they're $35 delivered.  D97BC

For siwash (single) hooks I use VMC 9170PS Closed Eye hooks these too are 4X rated. I use 3/0 on peanut flies and 4/0 on King flies. VMC 9171PS

I use the VMC 9170PS (Open Eye) on spoons. 3/0 on 3-1/2" spoons and 4/0 on Magnums.

Good Luck


3/11/18 @ 3:31 PM
User since 7/23/10

In the past I came onto the Owner #41 trebles and tied flies on them and noted that due to the very large profile for the stated size and heavier than normal wire diameter used on these hooks, that my flies didn't have the action that I wanted to see.  They are a very heavy duty hook, fine quality, and ultra sharp, but I set them aside and used them as replacement hooks on factory spoons.  I am very leery of the quality of  hooks on many brands of factory spoons. 

I very much like the Owner #36 on a fly set up for a treble hook and would recommend for 4" flies for kings.  I like a single hook for all my coho flies in size #1 or #2 and set up all flies so that they slide on the leader rather than having the tinsel tied direct to the hook.  The single hook seems to stay where it is supposed to when those coho's go airborne.  As to brand, I personally use Gammy turned up eye hooks, (fang) and snell all my hooks.  

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