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Fishing Line much is enough

5/23/20 @ 10:51 AM
User since 1/21/04
I'm getting back into Great Lakes fishing.  I need to replace the line on my reels.  I've read a ton of discussion on types of line...but don't seem to see anything on how much.  After applying the backing, how much line is usually applied to ensure you don't get down to the backing?  I understand the random King that will take most of your line...but what is customary?  500ft?  1000?  I'd like to hear what you guys think.

7/4/20 @ 6:26 PM
User since 11/2/04

thanks hank222 I looked that up and it pretty much gave me my answers though my reels are only series 20 so I might have to shorten up on the braid.

7/4/20 @ 6:50 AM
User since 12/16/13

On the Lake Ontario United website there is a page called Okuma copper leadcore and ss wire spooling chart thread it seems pretty accurate.

7/4/20 @ 12:17 AM
User since 3/30/15

I put 200 yds or so of 30lb power pro braid as backer.  I forgo a layer of mono.  My reels have a knubby to attach the braid.  It doesn't slide.  Load the LC on top of that and attach your leader.  Putting a mono layer means you will have to remove it in 2-3 yrs as it will get brittle/degrade.  Braid is practically eternal.

7/3/20 @ 6:12 PM
User since 11/2/04

Ok just asking since I looked up this thread and was still a little confused.  I have to rig up a couple poles with leadcore for planer board trolling.  I want to run braid.  I believe I was told to put on 30 lb mono backer, but not sure how many feet....just to cover the spool or 100 feet?  Then put on 50 lb power pro for an unknown amount of line and then my colors...putting on 5, 7, and 9 on the rods I have to rig up and to finish it off about 30 feet of flourocarbon leader.  These reels are medium to large reels meant for salmon fishing.  I just don't want to put too much or too little line on and have to start all over and waste money.  And since I just realized the reels currently have mono on them am I good to just remove some of the mono then attach my braid and go from there versus stripping all the line off?

5/27/20 @ 8:56 PM
User since 12/22/04

Getting into backing is not big deal if stronger than mainline, one reason I recommend braid because of strength to diameter ratio.   I don’t run backing on my down rigger reels though, just strait fluorocarbon.   You also never need to replace braid backing like you would mono.   Only reason people use mono backing is cost.   There are calculators to tell you how much backing to load.  

5/26/20 @ 7:24 AM
Red Rider
User since 6/26/01

A GB said make sure arbor is full. My opinion is a minimum of 300 yds of new mono.

5/24/20 @ 4:53 AM
Grey Beard
User since 1/27/02

It depends on reel capacity and what you are rigging, rigger rods, dipsys, leadcore or copper. The amount of line on all my setups varies because I want the reel filled to capacity because you get back more line per turn of the reel when it is full. Also remember when you have a big fish on the is taking a lot of line your drag is getting tighter and rather than tighten you should loosen it up and wait until it tires then re-adjust your drag.

Grey Beard

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