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fishing from beaches near Sheboygan?

5/30/16 @ 7:13 PM
User since 5/30/16

We recently moved to the Sheboygan area from Rhode Island. I really enjoyed fishing from the beaches in RI - we call it surf casting. I would do it almost every evening after work, practically year round.  Is it possible to fish from the beaches near Sheboygan?  If so, what type of lures or bait do you use?  Are there certain seasons for it, or is it something that can be done fall, spring and summer? 


6/21/19 @ 7:40 AM
User since 6/23/09
One time during Salmon-a-rama back in 2015, I beach launched my kayak near the mouth of Oak Creek. As I was setting up the kayak, I saw the alewives were thick along the beach with my headlamp. I had no idea that there was an upwelling overnight until I stepped into the water. As I did that, I jumped back as the water was so cold, and then I heard a splash near me. I looked to see a fin sticking out of the water, almost shark-like. I watched it as it attacked the alewives in less than 2 ft of water... I'm pretty sure it was a king, but it was dark. Needless to say, I caught kings working the beach that morning with cranks out of my kayak with no boats around. 

6/20/19 @ 8:01 PM
User since 6/20/19

Surf casting is great on the beaches between Kohler Andre and Harrington Beach.  (We are running out of beach with the high water)  I have been fishing them in the 70s and 80s as a kid and again the last five years.  Many dead end roads provide access.

wading to the sandbar with heavy spinners is productive.  Little cleo’s And glo baits work well.

the key is cold water.  Two years ago we caught them regularly.  Last year the water was way to warm.  Fish on days after consistent West winds which blows the surface water out and replaces it with cold water.  If it’s to cold to swim then fish.  If it’s to warm to fish....then swim!  Watch for bird activity and signs of baitfish.  I used to live in Southport CT and fished strippers and blues on the tide changes.....I had better days here than there.  Good luck, try 10 casts and switch up baits.  Post pictures!

6/12/16 @ 12:33 PM
User since 5/30/16

Thanks a lot - we'll give it a try

6/8/16 @ 1:53 PM
User since 9/27/01

When I was a kid during the salmon heydays back in the late 70s and 80's, some of the more adventurous guys used to wade out to the 2nd sand bar and cast.  I remember seeing them holding their gear above their heads as it got about chest/neck deep between the first and second bars.  I also remember guys emerging from the water with a salmon on a stringer.  Sure, it's possible but the water is much clearer than it was back then and I would guess that the salmon would not come in that shallow anymore unless they were staging to go up river.  Brown trout might.  Good luck if you try.

6/8/16 @ 8:43 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

I would suggest that you try it by the power plant. There are a lot of browns caught by the warm water discharge. I am not so sure that they are around in the summer but when the water cools they will be there. I have done it myself but not for years. Castmasters , Little Cleos or other heavy spoons will work . The piers are also an option. Mrt.

6/1/16 @ 9:40 AM
User since 12/6/10

I won't say it won't work but I've never heard of anyone catching a fish from the beach.  There are times that the piers can be very good though.  Generally when there has been a sustained west wind for a couple days that blows the cold water near shore and the salmon follow.  Any spoon in the 1.5" - 3" size generally work.  By far the most popular is the Cast Master because it's the right size and very heavy so it casts far.

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