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1/29/18 @ 4:10 PM
User since 7/23/10

A buddy of mine just won a FishHawk TD on a raffle and wants $100 for it.  It is new in the package and never turned on.  It is supposed that the battery in this thing should last about 5 years with normal use?

I currently have no method of measuring temps in the water column, and I am told it can be attached to the ball to establish if speed at all is affected by any current at a specific depth???

Have been saving for a future X4 but could end up waiting a few more years.

Would you go with the basic TD as a starter model at this price????

2/16/18 @ 3:28 PM
User since 8/17/13

For $100 this is a very valuable tool! Measures depth and temp only. Same as others on here - I use dipsy to test speeds and bait action. I used it a lot and so far have gotten 4 seasons on the battery. I would highly recommend this for the money as it will pay for itself in fish fillets..

1/30/18 @ 10:53 AM
User since 6/23/09

Everyone covered the features of the TD. If you're looking for water temps at certain depths, it works great. I bought one last season for use out of my kayak with my Salmon-a-rama winnings. I only used it once in August when I went out and checked where the break was. Ran some FF and  spoons below the break, and then a J Plug above the break. Was a slow day, ended up going 2-2, but both kings were over 20 lbs (20 and 24 lbs) and both hit my J Plug that I ran with leadcore above the break. 

As a sidenote, many times if you have your fish finder set right, you can see that break. I'm looking forward to using it more extensively this year and will hopefully increase my catch rate even more out of the kayak. I attached a few pics of the thermocline(s) out of my kayak during SAR. When I was finding the big fish, they were hanging out on the bottom right in the thermocline. Pulled a 27.95, 23.45, and 23.55 on the Monday afternoon of Salmon-A-Rama. The big ones were around for a few days before the current stopped and the fish moved on (or out). 

As far as "at the ball speed", I use my 12 oz torpedo rod as my dipsey. Make note of your rod angle when you're hooking up and repeat that rod angle.

1/30/18 @ 8:50 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

As originally posted it is depth and temp only, nothing to do with speed, unless they have changed something I'm not aware of.

1/30/18 @ 6:04 AM
User since 1/6/08

My buddy has one, we used it on my boat last year. It is worth it, we use that to check temp and watch the dipsey rods for speed. The Fish hawk  is the way to go but this will be nice until you make that purchase. 

1/29/18 @ 6:36 PM
User since 8/19/05
TD will not measure speed at all. Will give a temp every 5 ft down all the way to 300ft. Also will display the max depth it reaches so it can be useful for determining true depths of coppers, leads, divers, ect. I think 100 is a fair price and is a good investment until an X4 can be bought. I am in the same situation. Got a great deal on mine. I like to have a spare Weapon/ Pump handle rod with a 12oz ball i can clip it on and quick send it down to find thermocline.

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