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First time shore fishing superior

9/23/20 @ 12:18 PM
User since 9/8/20

So I'm going to try to shore fish for salmon of lake superior this up coming weekend (near Herbster/corny/washburn area). Have the mouth of a river right where I'm going to fish. Any advice? I've shore fished before for them in Alaska, but that was so long ago I don't even remember what I used and this is primarily on the lake and not deep in a river.

1. What kind of line should I be using, like mono or braided and what test? 

2. What am I looking for in terms of tackle? I think I want to keep it floating off the bottom right or do I want surface stuff? 

3. Should I be fishing morning and evening prime times or is this an any time during the day type of deal?

Any direction anyone can steer me in will be greatly appreciated. I'll prob stop by a bait shop and talk to some people, but any advice I could get here would be appreciated!

9/24/20 @ 3:31 PM
User since 7/3/01

I would contact the Brule River Sportsman's Club website and/or River Rock Inn in Ashland for updates for timing your trip.

I am shy about sharing data about small tributary streams online.

I will be in the area after the turn of the month.

9/23/20 @ 4:14 PM
User since 6/10/17
I lived on the south shore for years and often found shore fishing rather fruitless until it got colder (Mainly for splake or browns)... but it can be good this time of the year. Depending on wind directions and water temps in areas. I would honestly hit a few river while at this point in the year... I think the earliest I have ever caught a Coho in one of those south shore systems in the 21st-24th if I can remember correctly. Plus the Browns sometimes move into the streams in middle to late August... 

1. I would generally fish 6-10lb mono in clear colors. If running braid just run a decent length flouro-leader of that similar pound test. 

2. Spoons (Cleos and Kast-masters) generally tend to have been my best bet but that's likely due to their casting ability for covering water... Otherwise anything you'd fish with for Salmonids anywhere else will work. 

3. Morning and Evening are always the best times but we would hope all over the peninsula in a given day and either catch fish or not catch fish... 

My main issue with shore-fishing the South Shore is generally how shallow areas are  close to shore where you can generally shore fish the easiest. At least compared to MN's Northshore... 

The Bay hasn't gotten much rain lately so that should help with the shorefishing... Can become rather chocolate milky real quick with enough rain with the weather we have been having you might have better luck finding Smallies close to shore. Cheq Bay smallies are the best! 

River Rock in Ashland is my favorite shop in the area... 

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