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1/14/15 @ 7:49 AM
User since 1/14/15
I'm helping to plan a camping trip to the Islands this June and was thinking about bringing my bass boat. My concern is, well, is it a good idea? I know that the weather is going to determine how big the waves are, but on average, how bad is it on the water in that area? I've got a 19' Nitro (fiberglass) with a 125 on it. She's heavy and wider, but for the great lakes? I've read one other post that's got me very concerned about getting flooded out (water coming in over the sides) but I don't know if that's the 'norm'. Should I haul my boat up with me? (coming from Wausau, WI) or am I better off renting something when I get up there?

Any comments would be helpful! Thanks!!

1/15/15 @ 8:56 AM
User since 12/19/01
I run a 17.5ft bass boat in and around the islands quite often. Main thing ive run into is taking waves over the stern when we are trolling we always go with the wind to make it work best. Granted if it is calmer out we go against the current if at all possible. And for making runs from spot to spot when it is rough we usually fish the calm side of the island of our choosing but have little trouble making our way across open water with waves in the 6 to 8 foot range. i was nervous only once on the big water we had to run 14 miles in seas of 9 to 12 feet. If you use your head and cross cut the big waves and trim up the bow you can take on some very rough water in a bass style boat. And honestly i fished out of a 17.5 foot lund deep v boat and i will never do that again on rough water. Poor hull design for cutting waves that will beat you half to death was the issue i had. I hurt for 3 days after that beating.

MY point is if you monitor the weather closely and keep your head you should be able to run with your boat without any major issues.


1/14/15 @ 10:56 AM
User since 3/19/08
I agree with snipe. I don't think it sounds like a good idea. More than length, you want something deep out there that can handle waves. In all honesty, his boat, albeit smaller in length is probably more suitable for fishing up there, but still really pushing it. Those islands can block wind, but can also act as funnels and create currents and waves that are not what most are used. to. I'll echo snipe by saying, it's Lake Superior and the Great Lakes in general command A LOT of respect.

1/14/15 @ 10:33 AM
snipe n
User since 9/10/07
Took my 2 son's, wife and dog up for 5 days of camping on one of the outer most islands, in mid August a couple of years ago. I have a Pro V 1775 with a 150 merc and 8 hp kicker Marine radio and all coast guard approved equipment. Arrival day calm seas first trip to island 5+ miles out and 5 miles back in and 5 to get all equipment out. Next 2 days bad inland water type waves small white caps but nothing to be worried about, but not to fun to tour around in. 4th day seas to gradually increase 3 to 4' waves starting with 2 footers by marine radio and 5th day 5 to 6 footers predicted, major thunderstorm coming in. Packed up early on 4th day and was glad not to see the 5th day as boat was about at capacity making just one trip in. The islands offer some protections from waves and winds but they are miles apart. Which is plenty enough room for the waves to get big. IT was an awesome trip and cool camping on our own island. We swam, fished, toured and hiked on a couple islands. A low sided boat is far from ideal with winds shifting trying to make it to a fixed location. I would suggest renting if you are going out to the far islands but caution is advised no matter what size boat. Dangerous water at times, to be respected at all times.

1/14/15 @ 10:01 AM
Gone 4 Now
User since 4/26/08
You might find someone to take you to a camp site on a island but you won't find a boat you can rent and captian yourself unless it's a sail boat

1/14/15 @ 9:57 AM
Gone 4 Now
User since 4/26/08
I think Outdoor Allure has been out of business for 5 or more years.

1/14/15 @ 8:11 AM
User since 7/3/01
I would contact the guys at Outdoor Allure in Ashland or contact River Rock Bait Inn in Ashland.


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