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8/23/12 @ 5:50 AM
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KAMO is a Wisconsin-based non-profit organization that gets kids off their earbuds and into the outdoors. Never before has there been such a substantial need for adults to pass their outdoor skills on to a younger generation that has become disconnected with nature. KAMO has 5 chapters - Florence, Ladysmith, New Lisbon, Baraboo, La Crosse/ Onalaska. Kamokids.org is the group's website and provides details, contact information and photos of the group's activities. KAMO is unique in that members of the group plan, organize, and finance activities year around. These activities can be done one on one, small or large group. KAMO mentors are encouraged to contribute the time what they can comfortably give and are not pushed for more. KAMO has been popular and can always use new mentors who bring their ideas and energy to the group. The La Crosse group I'm a memeber of could use some people for Learn to Hunts or other mentored hunting experiences for events on the river and local Mississippi Valley properties. We are open to someone who may have horses or places to camp as that is what our kids are asking for.I will try to post our activities on here once in a while.
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11/30/18 @ 7:09 PM
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Ever been on the KAMO website? If not, it's time to get a look at a group that does a lot of good in their communities. You'll be treated to a great ice fishing video.

Interested in KAMO for your child or for as a forum to teach your own outdoor skills? There are chapters in Florence, Poynette, Baraboo, Marshfield,  Ladysmith, New Lisbon. La Crosse. The state KAMO finances new chapters activities for their first year and provides technical support as an incentive for those that would like to take the challenge.

Kids and Mentors Outdoors Website

11/30/18 @ 5:20 PM
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What KAMO is all about:

KAMO Group Ice Fishing

11/20/18 @ 12:06 PM
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Coulee KAMO Looking 

There is an organization in your area called Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO). 

KAMO has year around outdoors outings intended to get kids and their families interested in being outdoors more. 

There is no cost to join KAMO. 

Most of the families we work with live in La Crosse, Holmen, Onalaska and have kids between 8-14. 

KAMO is currently interested in working with more families. 

Do you have children who want to get involved with fishing, canoeing, snowshoeing, sledding, hunting, archery, and more? 

Check our website - kamokids.org - Coulee Chapter- activity link to see what we have coming up. There is some neat looking stuff on for December. Also, check out Facebook - Coulee KAMO - lots of good pics 

11/6/18 @ 4:26 PM
Jigger Pleaz
Jigger Pleaz
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That's awesome!!Bet he never fogets that hunt/Buck. Can't wait to get my daughter out next year.

11/5/18 @ 11:33 PM
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Two KAMO mentors took two boys on the state's Sandhill Wildlife Area Learn to Hunt on Saturday, November 3rd. The rut was in full swing and it was a treat just to sit in a stand and watch the action. This animal came into a grunt call and was this youth's first deer. 

10/23/18 @ 7:46 AM
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Latest Parent letter - La Crosse area:

Dear KAMO Fans

Our next official event is in November. If you have something in mind before then, we can probably support it. Much of what we do is off the radar, never makes the activity list.  

Our group meets to plan our activities out to April at our next open to the public meeting which is Thursday, November 8th at the Onalaska Goodwill at 6:00 P.M.  

We are arranging to have our trailer wrapped in photos and logos and park it it in a variety of spots in hopes of attracting more participants to our group. 

Here’s the present activity schedule: All free to you. Dates will be firmed up in a couple weeks. 

November 10th - Tundra Swan Viewing - Brownsville Overlook - The KAMO group flocks to the overlook platform to view the thousands of birds migrating through the area on their way south. Mike - [email protected]/ 608-799-5037. More details later. Last year, we met at the south La crescent Kwik Trip parking lot at 10:30 and caravanned down. Another group we partner with will have hot chocolate and snacks for all of us. 

Coming attractions: Shennanigans, Jump Start Adventure Park, Coulee Region Chill hockey games, Holiday movie, BGC Holiday Party - December 28th, La Crosse Showtime basketball. 

Winter: sledding, ice fishing 

Do you have an activity idea? Contact Mike 

9/23/18 @ 7:58 PM
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More photos from Sommer's Chute webcam. To see how to view the shots coming off this unit from your home computer, scroll down a few posts. The unit is on 24/7 and the night videos are impressive.

9/23/18 @ 7:54 PM
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Webcam put in Sommers Chute on telephone poles.

9/23/18 @ 8:54 AM
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Webcam shot from Lake Onalaska area. Camera location determined by one of KAMO's mentors. 24/7 viewing, live video. Link access in post below this one.

Disregard donation appeal, just enjoy the viewing, hopefully with a kid.

9/21/18 @ 11:18 PM