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8/23/12 @ 5:50 AM
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KAMO is a Wisconsin-based non-profit organization that gets kids off their earbuds and into the outdoors. Never before has there been such a substantial need for adults to pass their outdoor skills on to a younger generation that has become disconnected with nature. KAMO has 5 chapters - Florence, Ladysmith, New Lisbon, Baraboo, La Crosse/ Onalaska. Kamokids.org is the group's website and provides details, contact information and photos of the group's activities. KAMO is unique in that members of the group plan, organize, and finance activities year around. These activities can be done one on one, small or large group. KAMO mentors are encouraged to contribute the time what they can comfortably give and are not pushed for more. KAMO has been popular and can always use new mentors who bring their ideas and energy to the group. The La Crosse group I'm a memeber of could use some people for Learn to Hunts or other mentored hunting experiences for events on the river and local Mississippi Valley properties. We are open to someone who may have horses or places to camp as that is what our kids are asking for.I will try to post our activities on here once in a while.
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6/28/19 @ 4:29 PM
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The Coulee Chapter of KAMO had an event in neighboring Hokah and this is a piece on it.


If it doesn't open for you, you can always do a cut and paste

6/11/19 @ 9:10 PM
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Coulee KAMO has outings with an emphasis on nature appreciation and safety. There were over 30 participants today.

Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO) photo by Oalaskan
6/11/19 @ 8:52 PM
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Coulee's 3P event on Black River of 6-6-19

5/22/19 @ 10:11 PM
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Coulee's latest. All our events are free and open to the public.

 Fishing by request throughout season. The fishing could be shore, boat, or fishing float based depending on your group size. We need a week or more notice. Fishing conditions are often subject to river levels. If you are interested in an outing for your group, little brother/ sister, child, family, give us a call early and express interest. Contact Mike at [email protected] or 608-799-5037 if interested and he will try to set up a trip for you.

Saturday, June 1st - Kids Fishing Day - Mosey Park (near Schaefers). W7207 North Shore Lane, Onalaska. 9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M - Pontoon, boat, and shore based. This is also free fishing day for adults - don’t need a license. Please RSVP. Contact Mike - [email protected] or 608-799-5037

Tuesday, June 11th - 9:30 - 1:30. Paddle, Pedal,Picnic. Meet at the end of Fisherman’s Road. W. We will pedal down to the Black River Beach. We will then paddle down to Shennanigans, take the canoes/ kayaks out, and cross the street to Olivette Church for lunch. You can bring your own equipment or it will be provided. For more information, contact Tim Collins - [email protected]/ 608-385-2143 or Mike [email protected] or 608-799-5037. Since we need to predict our equipment needs and will serve food, we would like to know in advance if you are coming if feasible.

Saturday, June 22nd - 11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. - Kids Day - 211 Main Street, Hokah (an old school building). Archery, nature art, fish casting, outdoor gear swap. Bring your artistic skills. Food will be served. Hokah is a short drive from La Crescent - 6 miles. For more information, contact Mike at [email protected]/ 608-799-5037 or Mallory at [email protected]

Tuesday, July 16th - Pontoon Rides on the Black River. More details will be provided as the event draws nearer. Usually begin boarding at the west Clinton Street Landing (near Veterans Park/ huge parking area east of Tom Sawyers) at 6:00 P.M. Please bring a personal flotation device if you have one, otherwise we will provide one. For more information, contact Tim Collins - [email protected]/ 608-385-2143

Hunter’s Education class - Traditional class in planning stages. May also run Internet Field Day. Will run for four summer nights at a location to be determined. For more information, contact Mike - [email protected] or 608-799-5037

5/8/19 @ 6:49 AM
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Coulee is having a Kids Fishing Day off Mosey Park on Lake Onalaska Saturday,June 1st from 9:0 AM - 1:00 PM.

We are also have an archery, fish casting, outdoor gear swap, art event at 211 Main Street in Hokah, MN. This will run from 11:0 AM - 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 22nd.

Both events free and open to the public.

If you have any outdoor gear you want to get rid of,we can get it in the hands of kids. We will be giving away tackle boxes to kids and want to put assorted small tackle in them. If anyone has any leads on how to get a mound of tackle - bobbers, hooks, plastic tails, at a deal, we'd like to know.

4/2/19 @ 5:37 PM
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Recently, a chapter of KAMO started in Marshfield. The next most promising sounding place is in Beaver Dam. And right behind that is Dodgeville. This might be the year we reach across the Mississippi and have activities in neighboring Houston County. In fact, we are planning an event in Hokah that will feature archery, nature art, and a gear swap/ give away.

4/1/19 @ 5:10 PM
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Scenes from Saturday's Kids Archery Day at the La Crosse Archery facility in Onalaska. 41 kids and over 2 parents came in for instruction and shooting. About a third had never shot before. In another part of Onalaska, KAMO helped a D.N.R. staff person certify 23 hunter's education instructors in a five hour workshop. 23 participants from 7 counties.

Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO) photo by Oalaskan
3/16/19 @ 10:39 PM
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Coulee's trip to the America Standardbred Adoption Program today. This is a horse recovery ranch which takes animals off the race track and from the Amish, gets them into good condition, and finds a home for them. Located between Genoa and Desoto. A great place to take your kids.

Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO) photo by Oalaskan
3/10/19 @ 5:09 PM
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Took a drive to the American Standardbred Adoption Program (ASAP) south of Genoa today in preparation for KAMO's visit there next Saturday - March 16th. These are animals who are largely rescued after being used in harness racing. The stories of how these horses came to live at the ASAP ranch is truly heartwarming. Would you like to join us to visit the horses? Our trip is free and open to the public. Pictured are a few of the residents. Email Mike at [email protected] for details.

Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO) photo by Oalaskan
3/6/19 @ 10:55 PM
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KAMO gets involved with teaching hunter's education every year and less frequently, makes sure there is a hunter's education instructor certification class in our area. This course is for both hunter's education instructor recertification and new instructor certification. Last time we had a one day class like this, people came to the Coulee region from as far away as Marshfield and Hudson to take the class.

If you are interested in becoming a hunter's education instructor, it doesn't get much easier than this. The benefits are that your group can do a Learn To Hunt (great state program) class conveniently with an instructor in your group. Instructors also become eligible for some great discounts on firearms and outdoor equipment through membership in IHEA.


3/30/2019 10:00 AM - 3/30/2019 3:00 PM 

Upper Mississippi River NW&FR, N5727 County Road Z, Onalaska, 54650 



[email protected] 

Phone: (715) 214-4211

2/12/19 @ 9:22 PM
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If you are not already aware of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association (W.I.F.A. - studentfishing.com), this is a perfect time to learn about this group as they are teaming with Explore La Crosse to hold a magnum event right in our backyard. Just think of the potential to capture the interest of some students who may not be into traditional offerings at school, but could become interested in being on a fishing team, 


This coming weekend, the WIFA is holding their State Championship on Pools 7-8 of the Mississippi River. That’s everything between Trempealeau and Genoa. Over 800 students from 90 high schools around Wisconsin are competing. The pre-fishing day is on Friday, February 15th and the event is on Saturday, February 16th. 


I spoke with WIFA Vice President Ted Bonde (Tech Ed teacher - Kiel, Wisconsin) on the phone this morning. He invited KAMO reps or anyone from local schools to visit the La Crosse Center after 2:00 pm Friday or after 3:30 Saturday (fishless weigh in) to gather information from the hundreds of people who will be there. Note that involvement in the WIFA at the middle school level is allowed, but has some restrictions. 


Ted is excited about the explosive growth of WIFA - over 100 schools since inception in 2015. He said that WIFA’s fundraising has been effective to the point that new school districts coming on board will not be charged any fees. 

Ted Bonde - [email protected]/ 920-698-6133 


If you can think of anyone on your school staff or in your community who would be interested in working with your students to form a fishing team at your high school (probably beginning with the 2019-2020 school year), please let them know about this opportunity to visit the La Crosse Center during this event. 




WIFA’s mission (similar to KAMO’s) 

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association is committed to the education, conservation, and management of our natural resources while building an understanding of our aquatic ecosystems and sciences. Our primary goals are to get students involved in the outdoors and to become future ambassadors of our sport through the foundation of spirited competition 

1/14/19 @ 10:22 AM
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La Crosse area:

Dear KAMO Fans 


Latest update. All KAMO’s stuff is free. Participants don’t have to be members of KAMO. 


Thursday, January 24th - Coulee Region Chill game vs.Wausau Riverwolves- Green Island Ice Arena - 7:00 P.M.  MUST RSVP to lead - Mike at [email protected]  He will be waiting in the lobby with your ticket prior to the game. 

Saturday, Feb. 2nd - Kids Fishing Day/ Interpretative Center Tour - Genoa Fish Hatchery. Check in usually starts at 8:30. Tackle provided. Bring drinking water. Wear warm clothes and boots. Contact Mike at [email protected] if interested  

Saturday, February 16th - Sledding - 11:00 am- 2:00 pm. Out on YY between Highways 14 and 33. In a valley - watch for the sign. Please RSVP MIke at [email protected] Bring a sled if you have one. Bring warm clothes. Food, camp fire, hiking trails. This was one of our best events last year. 

 Sat. February 23rd – Snowshoe at the Marsh - 10:00 am - 12:00 PM at Myrick Park, La Crosse Help put straw in duck nests and explore the frozen river marsh habitat. Contact lead - Mike at [email protected] 

Saturday, Time and date to be determined, but on one of these dates - March 9, 16,23, or 30 - American Standardbred Adaption Program (horse ranch). De Soto. Introductory visit. Pet and groom. Lead - Mike - [email protected] 

Thursday, April 4th - Nature Sketching - Holmen Library - Details later 

Saturday and Sunday, April 6th - 7th - Youth Turkey Hunt -  

Saturday, April 27th - Park Clean Up Day 

Further ahead: 

Firearms safety (hunter’s education) - we need to know in advance of your interest 

Hydroponics facility tour, High Roller Skating Rink. 


Birding event - May, 3P - June, Pontoon rides - July. 

12/29/18 @ 4:49 PM
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12/9/18 @ 11:41 AM
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Congrats to the kids and kudo's to you and everyone involved with the KAMO program.

12/8/18 @ 12:10 PM
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The state-wide anterless deer hunt is underway. Here's a couple kids with their first deer. The group stays at the MacKenzie Center near Poynette. The hunts take place on and off MacKenzie. The off sites are DMAPs - they are primetime.

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