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Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO)

8/23/12 @ 5:50 AM
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KAMO is a Wisconsin-based non-profit organization that gets kids off their earbuds and into the outdoors. Never before has there been such a substantial need for adults to pass their outdoor skills on to a younger generation that has become disconnected with nature. KAMO has 5 chapters - Florence, Ladysmith, New Lisbon, Baraboo, La Crosse/ Onalaska. is the group's website and provides details, contact information and photos of the group's activities. KAMO is unique in that members of the group plan, organize, and finance activities year around. These activities can be done one on one, small or large group. KAMO mentors are encouraged to contribute the time what they can comfortably give and are not pushed for more. KAMO has been popular and can always use new mentors who bring their ideas and energy to the group. The La Crosse group I'm a memeber of could use some people for Learn to Hunts or other mentored hunting experiences for events on the river and local Mississippi Valley properties. We are open to someone who may have horses or places to camp as that is what our kids are asking for.I will try to post our activities on here once in a while.


8/16/18 @ 7:43 PM
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Pic off the Mississippi back waters this morning. A fishing trip by request. 

The trip was requested. The fog wasn't. Came in rolling in heavy. Makes for interesting camera effect though.

8/9/18 @ 8:50 PM
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KAMO Late Summer 2018 Event Schedule

This is a two page document and was last revised on 8-9-2018

If you are interested in any of these activities, contact the lead.

OPen to KAMO/BBBS/ those interested in KAMO


*Trap/ pigeon shoot - Saturday, August 25th - 8:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. . Intended for kids who wish to participate in trap shooting recreationally or hunt with the KAMO mentors this fall. Location will be just south of La Crosse on Highway 14 - will give more specific directions upon sign up. Lead - Tim Collins - [email protected]/ 608-385-2143

Paper Making Workshop - Saturday, August 25th - 9:00 A.M. - 11:30 A.M. and Sunday, August 26th - 1:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M. Must be able to attend both days. Make your own botanical paper and bind into a journal! A U.W. La Crosse Environmental Studies class. KAMO bought 14 seats in this class held at the Brice Prairie Conservation cabin near Lytle’s Landing (Onalaska) Participants would make their own paper from locally gathered natural items on day one and then on day two, make a journal using that home - made paper. Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected]/ 608-799-5037. Overlaps with trap shooting, so you can’t do both

Weekdays - Before Back to school

Sturgeon tagging - Genoa Fish Hatchery - Intended for kids who are 14 years of age and up. Must have a parent or adult along. Mondays - Fridays 8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Trip must be set up through Mike - Lead Mike Brown - [email protected]

* Lock and Dam #7 Tour - Offered between 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. Lockmaster gave us two date options - Wednesday, August 22nd and/ or Friday, August 23rd. Contact Mike if interested - Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected]

Water quality sampling - tag along with an expert. Must verify with Mike that your child is registerested with KAMO first. Lead - John Kalas - 608-785-7030/ [email protected]

Canvas Outdoor Painting - Group would go to a local park location and spread out some drop clothes and get busy doing artwork on canvas frames. Can try to replicate a wildlife picture or do your own thing - then you take your artwork home. Wear old clothes. This has been a popular activity. Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected]

Anytime of the week

*Individual or small group fishing outings by request. Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays better for groups. Fishing has been spotty and is best early or late in day. One, maybe two children per adult (lends itself to a better experience for the child). 4 Leads - Contact Mike Brown at [email protected]/ 608-799-5037, Mike Hodgins at [email protected]/ 608-397-9844, Tim Collins at [email protected]/ 608-385-2143, or William Woodman - [email protected]/ 608-788-2303. See Coulee KAMO on Facebook to see pics from these outings.


Mentors will plan hunting activities that will run September - December. Duck, deer, and small game. We have a limited ability to take kids out this year due to our hunting mentor numbers.

7/23/18 @ 2:43 PM
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The La Crosse Central-Logan combined trap shooting team just returned from national level competition near Lansing, Michigan. One of the participants, Jackson, got some of his early trap shooting skills through KAMO

7/18/18 @ 9:24 PM
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Coulee's 7-17-2018 assistance of the University of Wisconsin LA Crosse's summer camp at Copeland Park was followed by giving pontoon rides to 109 people off the Clinton Street Landings. Thanks to Harris Bank for sending in some volunteers and to the nine pontoon owners who came in with their units to make the event successful. In my busy time of running several things, I only took two pictures and they won't load, so you readers are left to your imagination.

7/13/18 @ 8:46 AM
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 KAMO is supporting a university summer camp this July. A university group of 10 came in to Copeland park Thursday as a prep for next Tuesday's Mississippi River Summer Camp. They are interns at the U.W. - L this summer and are going to be mentors for a group of 22 6th - 8th graders next week. These 10 college students experienced the canvas outdoor art we will have the kids do. Samples below. Some of these students learned how to cast the rod and reel sets for the fish casting game the kids will also. We talked about river ecology a little bit and left feeling good about our readiness for next Tuesday. 

7/4/18 @ 8:51 AM
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Coulee's latest activity schedule:

Loggers Game - July 12th - starts at 6:30. Must RSVP to Mike prior to July 9th so he can forward ticket requests to sponsor. Mike - [email protected] If you have not RSVP’d, there will not be a ticket for you 

Youth Outdoor Festival - July 14th - 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M - Vets Memorial Park on French Island on left just over Clinton Street bridge. No lead. This is informational only. 

*Pontoon Rides on the Black River - West Clinton Street Boat Landings - Tuesday, July 17th. Lead Tim Collins - [email protected]/ 608-385-2143 Boarding will begin at 5:30 P.M., but can get a ride later too. 

*Trap/ pigeon shoot - Tuesday, August 21st - More details later. Lead Tim Collins - [email protected]/ 608-385-2143 

By arrangement 

. * Lock and Dam #7 Tour - By arrangement. Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected] Only offered between 9:00 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. on weekdays. 

Genoa Fish Hatchery Interpretative Center Tour - Genoa Fish Hatchery - By arrangement..Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected] 

*Camping at Mc Mullen County Park - Warrens, Wisconsin. Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected] Hopefully, we’ll get a break from the heat wave to make this trip feasible. 

*Individual or small group fishing outings by request. One, maybe two children per adult (lends itself to a better experience for the child). 4 Leads - Contact Mike Brown at [email protected]/ 608-799-5037, Mike Hodgins at [email protected]/ 608-397-9844, Tim Collins at [email protected]/ 608-385-2143, or William Woodman - [email protected]/ 608-788-2303. See Coulee KAMO on Facebook to see pics from these outings. 

*Firearms Safety/ Hunters Education - Weeknights during some week in August. We need to hear from some families when their children will be available before scheduling, and that needs to happen soon (this was written on 7-4). Lead - Mike Brown - [email protected]

6/26/18 @ 4:02 PM
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The Coulee Chapter held a park project day on Saturday, June 23rd and fished. We cleaned and stained picnic tables. Sunday we had a golf clinic with a small group.

6/22/18 @ 7:14 PM
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Even in the face of a rising river, some "fishing by request" participants gained satisfaction today.

Tomorrow, we're headed for a park clean up day in MOnroe County.

6/10/18 @ 9:59 PM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

One of our Kamokids got the hot hand on our evening trolling expedition this evening. Our walleye run turned into a crappie, bass, and sheephead bonanza, all on crank baits. We take families/ kids fishing by request at our La Crosse chapter. To find out more, tune into our website Coulee Chapter activities.

6/7/18 @ 8:03 AM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

Only 45 minutes away from La Crosse, in Tomah, is perhaps one of the finest family recreational experience solutions for the family that has both strong fishing interests and kids. Winnebago Park on Tomah Lake features a colossal playground, a baseball field, extensive picnic areas, 1,000's of feet of shoreline fishing access, two boat ramps. As if that weren't enough, the lake is one of the finest fisheries in the area. Panfish, bass, northerns.

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