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8/23/12 @ 5:50 AM
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KAMO is a Wisconsin-based non-profit organization that gets kids off their earbuds and into the outdoors. Never before has there been such a substantial need for adults to pass their outdoor skills on to a younger generation that has become disconnected with nature. KAMO has 5 chapters - Florence, Ladysmith, New Lisbon, Baraboo, La Crosse/ Onalaska. is the group's website and provides details, contact information and photos of the group's activities. KAMO is unique in that members of the group plan, organize, and finance activities year around. These activities can be done one on one, small or large group. KAMO mentors are encouraged to contribute the time what they can comfortably give and are not pushed for more. KAMO has been popular and can always use new mentors who bring their ideas and energy to the group. The La Crosse group I'm a memeber of could use some people for Learn to Hunts or other mentored hunting experiences for events on the river and local Mississippi Valley properties. We are open to someone who may have horses or places to camp as that is what our kids are asking for.I will try to post our activities on here once in a while.


5/15/21 @ 8:56 AM
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The La Crosse area KAMO is beginning to open up.
We have the following events so far. If you are interested in trying a KAMO event, this is your chance. Contact Mike at 608-799-5037:

Best Dam Fishing Float Outing - week of June 7th.
Paddle, Pedal, Picnic (3P) - Tuesday,June 22nd - 9:00 - Probably on French Island
Outdoor Art - Saturday, July 19th.

If you live near Marshfield, Beaver Dam, Baraboo, Poynette, Florence, New Lisbon, there are opportunities there as well. Visit to find out.

12/27/20 @ 3:21 PM
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The power of engaging kids on a trip that would seemingly be boring - ice fishing. It doesn't hurt to have a drone either.:

KAMO Ice Fishing Trip

11/16/20 @ 9:03 PM
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Currently there is a lack of Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association (WIFA) teams in western Wisconsin. This is a high school aged kids group that gets kids outdoors.

Check out and be part of the change! 

I would like to start a team in the Coulee Region.

9/26/20 @ 8:35 AM
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KAMO Parent Letter - September


Our group currently has most of its operations shut down. Our fall hunts will not be held.

Some mentors have been teaching internet field day hunters safety classes.through the DNR. These are the demonstration classes that are required after a person has completed the online course. We have taught four in Onalaska and the next sessions will be held in Arcadia. The October 3rd Arcadia class is full, but we will offer an additional session on Friday, October 9th.

These classes are in huge demand with fewer instructors in the state offering them. People have been traveling to our classes from as far away as 240 miles to take them. They are operated under Covid protocol and are condensed down to four and half hours.

There may be some opportunity to take families out on the Best Dam Fishing Float below the Dresbach Dam. Families would have to bring their own children and arrange to meet us on site. We have no active plans for this, but a trip could be arranged. We have to keep the participant numbers low. There is a lot of space on the float to spread out.  If you go on your own, it gets expensive.KAMO gets a discount rate. 

If you are up for a family get out of the house drive, elk can be seen in numbers in southern Jackson County. They are concentrated in the area where County O meets Arrow Road east of Millston. You could do a Google on the Woods and Meadows game farm,which is just north of this intersection to get your bearings. A section of O south of this intersection is a great viewing spot as well. The elk are entering their mating season.Bulls are bugling, sparring, and harassing the cows. This viewing is an early or late in the day event. Binoculars and spotting scopes are useful as the animals are often in large fields.

This elk viewing trip could be combined with a camping and/or fishing trip. The lovely McMullen Park facility west of Warrens, about a dozen miles below the elk area, offers camping sites. There is fishing in two bodies of water at the park and several bodies of fishable cranberry flowages in the Warrens area. If anyone reading this is curious about the general overall cranberry flowage public access, I have a document that can help with that.

7/31/20 @ 7:00 PM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

Know anyone who needs the hunter's education internet field day class? This is the one day demonstration and testing that follows the online course.

We can also help certify new instructors.

We are offering them this fall. For more info, they appear on the site under student - enroll - Hunter Internet Field Day (IFD).

I have been teaching hunters education for decades and was a skeptic about the online class leading to the one day field day. I thought I would certify for it since so many people were asking about it. After seeing how well it works, it has been the only format I teach in anymore. One and done.

The classes will be held in an outside location on Brice Prairie on Saturdays.

KAMO is not the actual sponsor.

4/14/20 @ 6:17 AM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

Fishing is not only acceptable, but encouraged as long as people maintain the social distancing guidelines. With that in mind, I have been out a few times. Mississippi River fishing is tough right now, so I headed to a Jackson County property with my brother. We drove separately. 

By luck the portion of the flowage we went to was inhabited by hungry and aggressive crappies. The ice had not been off this water body very long. Fish 9 inches and below were released and there were still 26 to clean.

 It is KAMO's intention to teach families both how to fish and places to go (see next post).

I had a nice fish picture, but have had trouble uploading pics on here lately??

4/14/20 @ 5:59 AM
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During this period of time when we our movement is more restricted may be a great time to view and study the Wisconsin DNR's Mapping Application Tool. It is free, comprehensive, and kept up to date. It is one of the most impressive resources for the outdoors person of my lifetime.

It shows places to go hunting and fishing, some of which you are probably not familiar with. Just to get the satellite view of the bodies of water in your county makes it worth a look. My brother found that there was a DNR easement along one side of his property into a state natural area by viewing it.

Here's the link to the app. If you try it out and have any problems using it, you can pm me and maybe I can help you.

Public Land Use Mapping Tool

If you want to do a deeper dive, there are apps that give landowner information and also have a navigation feature. These involve cost, but are reasonable.

3/9/20 @ 12:16 PM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

This class was cancelled! KAMO and the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association are hosting a hunters education internet field day in Onalaska on April 4th. This is an opportunity to get a kid certified before turkey season the following weekend. Also,if there are any instructors who would like to get certified in IFD, this class can serve as an apprenticeship towards that. The GoWild site student - enroll has details. Like it or not, IFD is where the demand in the future is headed. I was an IFD skeptic I got the certification and have run a few classes and saw how well it works. It's all hands on except for the written test.

2/26/20 @ 8:16 PM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

There was a meeting in Beaver Dam last week to discuss starting a KAMO chapter there. Twenty five people showed up. Our state convention is in Stevens point on March 21st.

2/16/20 @ 9:26 PM
USER SINCE 10/2/14

There will be a meeting in Beaver Dam this week about starting a chapter there. Mark Walters would be the guy to talk to. His contact info is on the website - An Outdoorsman's Journal.

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